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Wednesday, October 11, 2023


  Karl Lagerfeld: 300,000 books.

As a journalist, I believe Lit Hub or Literary Hub is a remarkably good online source for world literature and news of the publishing industry. Alas, despite its perceived (fiscal) health its existence in support of published literature (books and literary magazines) is perhaps the last lantern shining as the ship it is attached to sinks to the bottom of a red inky sea. 

 Lit Hub recently reported on the demise of the venerated quarterly review of literature called The Gettysburg Review. Lit Hub then made an instant call for all “writer types and readers” to support reviews of literature. I believe we should support Where else will we find nuggets like “Ten Famous Book Hoarders,” an engaging article by Lit Hub editor Emily Temple back in June 22, 2017. 

That piece was supported by photographs of how the libraries of these famous folk stored their collections. This online coverage equals in originality anything I’ve read or perused in Architectural Digest et al lately. 

Which brings us to mull a design dilemma: what is the easiest path to achieve a mansion or uncover thousands of books and then being able to store them.

Bravo, Lit Hub.

CLICK HERE to read who they outed as famous and semi-famous book hoarders. 

George Lucas: 27,000 or more books. 

Ernest Hemingway: 9,000+ 

William Randolph Hearst: 7,000 or more books. 

Nigella Lawson: 6,000 books

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