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Wednesday, November 15, 2023


GUEST BLOG / By Patti Pietschmann, the Ultimate Cruise and Travel Diva who has taken more than 400 voyages and written about them
.--Nestled on a hillside in Hollywood, California, there's an exclusive (membership only) fun spot called the Magic Castle. 

It's one of those popular places LA Types take visitors from out of town. It's also famous for playing tricks on those of us who move to Los Angeles and are unaware of what's in sotre. For instance you might be having a drink at the bar and suddenly something happens! But I'm not going to spoil the fun. 

Now, thanks to Princess Cruises you will soon be able to experience some of the magic with the inaugural of the line's Sun Princess which will feature the new installation of Spellbound by Magic Castle. 

Once aboard you'll find the Spellbound experience nestled behind a non-descript door through which passengers will experience sleights of hands by talented magicians, surprises in themed rooms and theatrical cocktails delivered with a twist. 

 Guests will wander through eclectic and mystical artifacts and paintings to peak curiosity. In the Music Room, guests will meet the spirit of Isabella who will share her stories of sailing on Sun Princess. 

The venue will also feature a vintage Parlor Bar featuring Artemis the owl who is revealed through interaction with skilled illusionists before entering the intimate 30-seat, Spellbound theater, to experience close-up magic that will blow guests’ minds. 

 "We are excited to introduce Spellbound by Magic Castle and take the art of magic around the world aboard the new Sun Princess,” said John Padgett, president of Princess Cruises. "This collaboration with The Magic Castle that combines the allure of magic with the thrill of cruising. Spellbound no doubt will become an iconic guest favorite on Sun Princess.” 

Spellbound is designed to capture the essence of the original Magic Castle, where stars gather, legends have been born and magic has left audiences spellbound for decades. “We are bringing some of the most authentic aspects of The Magic Castle in Hollywood to Sun Princess, complete with incredible magicians and illusionists, so that Princess guests can experience a taste of the world class magic that is showcased nightly at the Magic Castle,” said Erika Larsen, president of Magic Castle Enterprises. “It's an exciting opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in a magical experience typically reserved exclusively for members and their guests," says Larsen.

Performances by world-class magicians handpicked from around the globe will fascinate audiences with mind-bending tricks, awe-inspiring illusions, and mesmerizing acts that promise to leave guests definitely entertained. 

 Spellbound debuts aboard the 4,300 passenger, 175,000-ton Sun Princess in February 2024. Tickets for the inaugural Mediterranean, Europe and Caribbean cruises are available now at 

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