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Monday, November 19, 2012


New California Studio and Gallery

Wisconsin Studio Gallery
CONTEMPORARY EXCELLENCE--In 1989, when we moved into our 1915 Craftsman-style bungalow, we sought to decorate with original arts & crafts era pottery, but we were quickly introduced by reality at the high prices of vintage pieces.  Still wanting to quality pottery, we searched for modern artisans, who might not be as expensive.

Our naiveté had no bounds.  We also discovered quality pottery, whether it be ten days or 100 years old, is not cheap.

California Studio Gallery
We decided to be patient by focusing our purchases at shops and studios we ran across during our travels.  We sought out local potters, who we thought had merit.  Our purchases have ranged from Denman Island, British Columbia to a local potter we discovered lived five blocks from our home.  Each piece of pottery must have its own story.

To this day we are not in a hurry to add to our pottery collection.  But, after a generation of collecting, we keep returning to a group of potters, who in 1996 founded Ephraim Faience group headquartered in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

You can imagine our delight when we discovered Ephraim Faience had expanded.  They opened their second store—this time in Cambria, California. The California gallery/studio just recently had its grand opening.

--[Top]: Interior of new California Studio/Gallery; 728 Main Street, Cambria, CA
--[Middle]: Main store in Lake Mills, WI; 203 West Lake Street, 920-648-3534.
--[Lower]: Exterior of new Cambria, CA gallery/studio; 728 Main Street, Cambria, CA:
This post is one in an occasional series on life in historic North Park, one of the nation's most diverse and architecturally significant neighborhoods with special emphasis on the Arts & Crafts Era (1890-1920).


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