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Friday, May 12, 2023


GUEST BLOG / By Bonnie Kutch, resident University City
-- More than 800 residents from local communities throughout San Diego took to the streets last Saturday, May 6th, to protest the city’s misguided housing policies that are randomly imposing excessive density in neighborhoods across the city, far from transit. 

 Multiple protests were held throughout the day in University City, Clairemont, Mission Hills, Bankers Hill/Hillcrest, North Park, Normal Heights, and the College Area. Protestors were unified in their opposition to the city’s reckless and irresponsible high-density housing initiatives. 

The greatest concern among participants was Mayor Gloria’s intention to implement SB 10, an irreversible measure that would allow developers to build up to 10-unit apartment buildings on single-family lots up to a full mile or more from existing or “planned” transit stops. “SB 10 is the most overreaching high-density zoning the city has considered,” said Danna Givot, a resident of the College Area and captain of her community’s protest. 

“The massive building volume would be allowed in high-risk fire areas, with minimal setbacks. No environmental review is required and, even worse, once a parcel is zoned eligible for SB 10, it cannot be undone per state law. "SB 10 is a completely incompatible density bomb that only the City of San Diego has been foolish enough to consider opting into.” Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and thank you for supporting this very important community effort. 

 Neighbors For A Better San Diego is a local non-profit group of San Diego neighbors, community leaders, and advocates formed to protect & preserve single-family neighborhoods from overdevelopment. CLICK HERE  

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