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Sunday, February 19, 2012


HOW IN THE WORLD?--OK, I understand make a coffee latte consists of the pouring of steamed milk (thickly frothy) into a shot or two of espresso. Got that. But what I can’t see to fathom is how to generate a pattern or design on the surface that brings oohs and ahhs from the significant other and/or selected guests.

Other baristas have mysteriously mastered being a true designer by being able to create beautiful creations out of whipped milk.

Not me.

Café latte design is obviously an acquired art form that I recently learned by observing and asking questions of one of the professional baristas at Caffe Calabria in North Park.
Caffe Calabria is one of the treasures of North Park. We have great coffee houses, collectively better than most, however, in North Park Caffe Calabria is where excellent coffee is roasted on the premises. And, all those outdoor café tables on the sidewalk are so Euro. Love it.

In the meantime, if you insist on doing it yourself, here are two web connections showing you via YouTube-style videos on how to make those beautiful designs atop café lattes. They make it look so easy.

To see videos it’s best to copy below addresses and paste them into your search box as links from my blog to the rest of the world are not connected.

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