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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


COMMON SENSE/2012--it is time for American consumers to band together to fight overnight “wildcat” hikes in gasoline prices. Today, few of us understand the reasons for these economic muggings. As a nation of consumers, we need (at the very minimum) to demand the common courtesy of advance reasoning (notice) before such economy-wrecking price increases are dictated onto the consumer.

Consumers need a national leader or leadership to lead the negotiations with big government and big oil to explain the need for these tyrannical price hikes. The House and Senate of this nation must convene a board to once again investigate the causes. And, do it quickly. Previous efforts by Congress have not worked. Go back to work gentlemen and ladies until we have real answers.

Until then, citizens at the national level need a leader like the late Walter Reuther. He made the auto industry accountable to the people. [List of his accomplishments below]

In 1939 labor leader Walter Reuther said in order for the U.S. labor movement to be successful they needed discipline. Reuther must be remembered for these words: "We must demonstrate that we are a disciplined, responsible organization; we not only have power, but that we have power under control.".

As President of the UAW (1946-1970), Reuther led his union during one of the most prosperous periods for workers in U.S. history.

As American consumers, we have power via the ballot box but we have not demonstrated that we have power under control.

Our political leadership has failed to explain to us in a simple and convincing manner why oil hikes continue to rise in wildcat fashion.

Reuther was staunch in recognizing that labor goals were met by negotiations.

American consumers have been screaming for a decade at the rolling hike in gasoline prices. This basic cry has been unheeded by all Presidents AND Congresses since 1973! If you disagree go look at the price on your neighborhood gas pump right now.

Also it is sad, that the average citizen does not believe there is a leader representing them in any effort to stabilize gasoline price gouging. If there is such a person or entity representing us now in this matter, we need their name(s) in order to fire them.

BOTTOM LINE: The only way we can defend ourselves is for each one of us to write at least one elected official and simply ask…what are you doing on behalf of the American consumer to explain or provide leadership to halt wildcat price hiking by the oil industry…ALSO the Taliban card is no longer an acceptable answer in this poker game.”

If only ten percent of us take the time to write a letter, we can make a difference. Email campaigns are too easily sabotaged, but when our elected officials see that we mean business one written letter at a time, then and only then can we expect action. We have been given this right—let’s use it. One stamp at a time for economic liberty.

BLOGGER’S OPINION: The Presidential candidate who makes reforming price gouging at the pump a priority will garner my vote—no matter what party that leader belongs to.

SIDENOTE: In the mid-1950s Walter Reuther as head of the United Auto Workers, delivered contracts for his membership through brilliant negotiating tactics. Reuther would pick one of the "Big three" automakers, and if it did not offer concessions, he would strike one manufacturer and let the other two automakers absorb its sales. Besides high hourly wage rates and paid vacations,

The UAW negotiated these benefits for its members:
1. employer-funded pensions (beginning in 1950 at Chrysler),
2. medical insurance (beginning at GM in 1950), and
3. supplementary unemployment benefits (beginning at Ford in 1955).

His name was Walter Reuther. Where are you Walter Reuther as this nation sadly turns its lonely eyes on you?

Image: Wikipedia: July 20, 1955 edition of Time magazine

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