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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


GUEST BLOG/By Holden DeMayo—Guys, if you’re reading this now, you’re one step away from singing “O, solo mio” again. Obviously planning ahead is as foreign to you as Outer Mongolia. But, if you’re open to suggestions (the only way is up) here’s some recent gender research. This blog asked six fine women of all ages as to what would make them smile for St.Valentine’s Day.

L. from Carlsbad: “…a surprise, any surprise - just to know you are thinking! Flowers are always wonderful, plan something. ANYTHING! A walk in the sand in the moonlight, bottle of wine/champagne ..... sing a special song - even if off key - just making the day memorable in a way that I know that you are thinking of me and wanting me to be happy - reap rewards later!

A. from Ocean Beach: “The things that always made me the happiest was having a nice bouquet of flowers and having a delish homemade dinner. Just simple but thoughtful. Obviously a little gift is always nice too. Nothing too expensive, a cute charm to put on a necklace/ bracelet or a gift certificate to get a pedicure/manicure are two things you can never go wrong with…”

P. from North Park: “…Can't make up for 364 days of being a ho-hum partner by one glorious, extravagant Valentine's Day...not gonna happen. For me, the best Valentine's Day is just to spend time with my sweetie, doing things that make us a strong team and that we enjoy. (OK, so I picked meeting with our financial planner as a romantic couple-bonding experience...but he happily said yes and added a little dinner afterward, so mission accomplished). Flowers die quickly, expensive dinners are forgotten, and card makers are getting rich off guilting people into $5 cards. Be there for your partner. Be certain he/she knows they come first. Be loving and considerate. Be impeccably groomed. Repeat daily.

K. Pacific Beach: “I'm not a big Valentines Day's a greeting card holiday. I like flowers and chocolate allll the time. So they don't really seem "special" that day-just somewhat forced. I think a nice glass of wine (or 2 or 3....) and a sunset would be great. Or, grabbing take out and eating outside under the stars.

J. from University City: “…"I'm not big on dining out at with hordes of other couples doing their obligatory Valentines dinner; it all feels so manufactured. I'd rather take a bottle of nice champagne somewhere overlooking the ocean to watch the sunset. My favorite spots are the cliffs around the Scripps Institute of Oceanography and Torrey Pines. (Be sure to conceal that bottle! No sense courting trouble.) Maybe stop at Whole Foods on the way for take-out. Keep it simple and avoid the craziness…”

E. from Orange County: “…ahhhh, St. Valentines Day... haven't had a valentine since senior year of high school when I showed up to class and he was there with a long stem rose for me, wearing a shirt that was painted it would make me shine if you would be my valentine with a big sun on it. Now it sounds very cheesy but it was actually really cute and at the time I couldn't be happier.

I'm not one of those girls that haaaates the holiday, (and let me tell you, the majority of girls my age despise it if they're single). I happen to love Valentines Day. It's a reminder to acknowledge all those you love—not just lovers.

I personally don’t think Valentines Day needs to be a huge production, I mean, you can't ignore it or else it's just awkward. I like doing something special on valentines night and by special I don't mean expensive or overdone, just something
thoughtful. It's so cliche, but it really is the thought that counts. I LOVE creativity.

For more views of St. Valentine’s Day, CNN: Has posted a blog “Why I hate St. Valentine’s Day.

Image: Thanks to North Park Community Assn for borrowing your blog heart

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