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Friday, March 22, 2013


Hello, White House from San Diego's Urban Discovery Academy.
Kids in back row are spelling name of school.

CELEBRATING LET’S MOVE INITIATIVE--Urban Discovery Academy, a San Diego charter school, is on a mission to get first lady Michelle Obama to visit their campus so that they can share firsthand all the programs and events the school offers to make our children as healthy as possible.

As she celebrates the 3rd anniversary of her national Let's Move initiative, we believe Mrs. Obama would be proud of our students at UDA and their commitment to learning the fundamental benefits of good nutrition and regular physical activity.

UDA school lunches are made with lean proteins, fresh fruits and organic ingredients when available - no processed foods or loads of sodium! From our on-campus micro-garden tended and harvested by students, to the Physical Education classes 3x's a week, to our regular school-wide Jog-a-thons, UDA MOVES.

MRS. MICHELLE OBAMA You’ll find more info on the school—link to:

Backgrounder on the School
In early 2008, a group of passionate parents and teachers gathered together to discuss their hopes and dreams for a charter school along Sixth Avenue, downtown San Diego. The idea behind this school was to provide innovative learning opportunities for students fully utilizing the vast resources of the downtown San Diego urban landscape. We also dreamt of a school where community service would be valued and fostered. We dreamt of teaching children through urban discovery.

This dedicated group decided to seek the help and assistance of a team of experienced and well respected charter school professionals associated with the King Chavez charter schools, and by February 29, 2008, Urban Discovery Academy had filed its charter petition with San Diego Unified School District. The San Diego Unified School District granted UDA’s petition.

Urban Discovery Academy is now a fully accredited academy by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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