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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Thelka Reuten with Philip Glenister in Netflix's Brit Noir detective series, "Hidden."
HELLO, HARRY VENN--“Hidden” is one of those fast-paced UK private eye (four-part) series that gives viewers very little time to sit back and assess what the hell is going on.  But the non-stop action (and flashbacks) are part of the charm that actors Philip Glenister, David Suchet and Belgium’s Thelka Reuten skillfully portray as some of the shadiest characters in modern detective fiction (including the hero and heroine).

When life takes you into danger zones, time-outs aren’t part of the deal.

Actors David Suchet (left) and Philip Genister
give this crime series remarkable depth
In case you missed it amongst Netflix’s vast menu of thrillers, the aptly named “Hidden” (2011) is a contemporary conspiracy thriller centered on a small-time private investigator, who is forced to revisit his past thanks to an unexpected visit from the proverbial mystery woman (this time a blonde lawyer in knee high leather boots.) 

Discovering that a seemingly unrelated, unsolved pair of 20-year-old murders are dangerously linked to the death of his brother, solicitor Harry Venn quickly finds himself caught up in a much bigger and more complex conspiracy that reaches deep into the heart of the British political system.

If the four-part Harry Venn series leaves you wanting more Brit noir crime busting then you’ll love the character John Luther in another Brit noir series titled “Luther.”

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