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Friday, July 7, 2023


Manuel Garcia-Rulfo with author Michael Connelly and the infamous Lincoln convertible.

GUEST BLOG / By Michael Connelly, author of the Lincoln Lawyer and Harry Bosch novel series
--The second season of The Lincoln Lawyer started yesterday on Netflix. 

I am very proud of it. 

I hope you’ll watch. 

It is based on my novel The Fifth Witness and it has been ingeniously updated to contemporary times. While making a television show is a massive group effort and I can’t say enough about our cast and crew and their efforts to make this show as best it can be, I just want to take a moment here to praise the writing staff. 

 We are all currently on strike as members of the Writers Guild of America, so it’s a bit awkward to have the show drop in the middle of this ongoing dispute. But I think it is important to point out how vital a role the writers played in making a show like this. It all starts with the scripts and this was no easy task when it came to LL2. 

The novel was published 12 years ago and, as with all of my books, it was set in the year it came out. This put the story smack dab in the middle of the foreclosure crisis of that time. 

It had Mickey handling foreclosure defense cases and from this came the storyline of Mickey defending a foreclosure client accused of killing the banker attempting to take away her home. That story spoke to the times when the book was published, but not now. 

 Last year, seven writers and support staff gathered in The Lincoln Lawyer writing room in Studio City to map out and write ten episodes based on the book. 

Priority number one was figuring out how to update the story and make it contemporary. I’m not going to give away how we changed the plotting, but this is another situation where I believe the show has turned out better than the book. 

Under the direction of showrunners Ted Humphrey and Dailyn Rodriguez, the writing team focused on a very contemporary story that reflects things currently happening in society in all cities. 

It’s a universal story that I think will connect with all viewers. But in making these changes we did not sacrifice anything in the character of Mickey Haller, who is played so well by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. 

It’s the Lincoln Lawyer as we all know him in a very contemporary story. And that’s why I am so proud of the work done in the writing room. My hope is that this strike will end with writers getting what they deserve and have earned, and then we get to start thinking about LL3. - Michael Connelly 

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