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Tuesday, January 23, 2024


Allied Forces landed at Normandy and commenced the D-Day invasion to free Western Europe from Nazi occupation. Above, the men pictured, left, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. and his son Quentin Roosevelt II, the son and grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt, took part in the massive invasion on Utah and Omaha beaches, respectively, as the only father and son pair in the American Army. 

 Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. at age 57 was the highest-ranking officer on the ground and led his troops at Utah beach under heavy fire, personally shuttling each group over the seawall and returning to the beach to lead others. 

He would survive the invasion, but would succumb to a heart attack a few weeks later while in France. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. would be posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his selfless acts of bravery. 

 Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt Jr.’s widow Eleanor accepts a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor for her husband's bravery; contributions to the war effort and for being the oldest U.S. Army officer to land on D-Day. 

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