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Saturday, March 23, 2024




Yes, it's true a sequel to Cantina Psalms, the noir novel is in the works!

A commercial of sorts. 
Today, I’m happy to report as a career newspaper, magazine and novel writer that I have sent my sainted editor the first draft of my second novel, a sequel to Cantina Psalms. No title as of yet, but the dedicated staff at will keep loyal readers up to the minute when it’s ready for BookBaby and Amazon bookshelves. 

Of course, there’s time to buy Cantina Psalms, so you’ll be up to speed on the second novel, a continuation of a very rough crowd living in the wonderful neighborhood of San Francisco’s North Beach. 

Now a word from one of the main character’s Tom Gresham: 

“…Lucky me, I’m sitting on my favorite bar stool at Powell’s Bar & Grill sipping on an Anchor Steam beer. Bar owner John Wald just reminded me my bar tab needs attention. 

 “Like I said, lucky for me because the real Powell’s Bar burned down years ago in a real fire (Powell & Union Streets). It was in all the newspapers and TV stations. 

But thanks to Cantina Psalms novel all of my pals are back in Novel #2 soon. Join me here at the bar. CLICK HERE to buy Cantina Psalms in a glossy paperback or as an E-book…” 


Thomas Shess
Author of Cantina Psalms

*** [End of advertisement] ***

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