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Friday, April 6, 2012


BIZ OF FOOD BUZZ—Early in my career, I had one of the best jobs in the magazine biz. I was editor-in-chief of San Francisco Magazine. One of the perks of a plum job was I could write restaurant reviews. I did that on occasion, but usually let the staff dining critic do the heavy lifting.

But, knowing how difficult that job is first hand, I’ve come to admire what I consider a remarkable hospitality industry writer, who’s put together one of the best food/wine blogs in the west. His name is Paolo Lucchesi. He’s the SF Chronicle’s “Inside Scoop” columnist, a blog that covers all breaking restaurant news from openings and closings to chef gossip and other food media. Below is a link that will take you to some fabulous pictures of top Bay Area restaurants with Paolo’s commentary.

Next time you’re heading to SF and want to do your fine dining homework before you show up; put the following address in your search engine:

Or, even better, his blog encourages you to email him at, so please do so.

Images: Paulo Lucchesi from; Yountville CA’s ad hoc restaurant interior via ad hoc website; Roast Beef Tartina, melted onions, shaved nona, red wine mustard jus by Chef Thomas Keller from ad hoc website,

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