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Monday, April 30, 2012

SUNNY SIDE ATTITUDE/Dessert Series Continues

GUEST BLOG: By Kate Carpenter, Baker/Owner

A new beginning in a lifelong journey with food

Since I was a kid I have loved watching my mom cook. She

knows her way around the kitchen ancreates amazing meals and treats. In college my appreciation for food continued. As a cafeteria worker, I cut cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon until my hands were puckered.

I graduated SDSU with a degree in journalism but continued working in the food industry. From the college cafeteria I went to one of the most popular delicatessens in the area: D.Z. Akins. The Jewish style deli is famous for its mile high corned beef on rye and fresh pickles on every table. I didn’t get anywhere near the kitchen, but I ate everything in sight.

Eventually I landed a job in journalism, and somehow made my way into the position of food editor. I happily reported on local cooking classes, interviewed cookbook authors, announced new cookbooks of all varieties and even went away for a weekend junket in California’s pistachio country.

All along the way I collected recipes. My bookshelves became heavy with cookbooks and brochures and handouts. I clipped recipes from magazines and newspapers and printed anything and everything.

Ten years of journalism later, I jumped into public relations. We always liked our restaurant clients best, knowing journalists and food are meant for each other like peanut butter and chocolate.

My 14 years in PR was amazing. But when the economy and personal circumstances created an opportunity to bow out, I did.

Sunny Side Kitchen was born Nov. 1, 2011. It’s an exciting new beginning in a lifelong journey with food. Please, join me!

Note: Sunny Side owners Kate and Bob Carpenter can be found at Farmer’s Markets all over San Diego County. Check their website for locations.

Sunny Side Kitchen

970 West Valley Parkway, Ste 437

(between Date St & Tulip St)
CA 92025


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