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Sunday, June 16, 2013


PARIS: Morning cafe au laits at the Cafe L'Eclair on Rue Cler.   L-R: Mike, Phyllis, Tom and Zac
TAKING THE BIG BOYS TO EUROPE--This year, my wife of 28 years presented me with a loving Father’s Day present a few weeks early.  Now that’s she’s officially retired this was the first vacation where we didn’t have to pay attention to a calendar.

To my surprise and undying gratitude she invited our sons Zac (first born) and Mike to go with us to Europe.  I couldn’t remember the last time the boys and dad had been together for longer than a round of golf.  When they agreed to take time off work for the trip, I was so excited that I’m not ashamed to say a few tears rolled down my face.

The four of us departed San Diego and used Madrid as our European gateway.
Father's Day: Zac at four
San Francisco
Father's Day: Mike at four
Rocky Mountains
From there we visited Madrid, Barcelona, Paris (Zac left for home from Charles De Gaulle), Normandy and Brussels (Mike jetted home from Belgium) and we went on to London for a week without the boys.

I found myself just staring at them being together.  Together was the operative word.  I will forever remember our time hopping on and off trains, subways and figuring out cool restaurants and city sites. 

And, when they wore us out, it was fun knowing they were out on the town together.

I guess the message here is sometimes you need to prime the pump.  They’re adults now and live in different cities so there’s always a bunch of excuses why we can’t all get together.  But, if you can afford making a big deal out of Dad’s Day you should do it.

Maybe next year, God willing we’ll be spending Mother’s Day with our two grandson’s somewhere between here and there.

I’m a lucky man.

Madrid: Cerveza and Cafe con leche with Mike

En route from Barcelona to Paris on the Elipsos night train.  Zac and I
check the menu in the excellent dining car.
Just a bit chilly in Paris

Just a bit breezy at Stonehenge

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