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Friday, June 7, 2013


Terrific images of Golden Hill homes from San Diego Free Press blog.  Images by Annie Lane

GOLDEN HILL PHOTO HOME TOUR—As part of its new neighborhood coverage, e-Newspaper San Diego Free Press recently sent writer Jim Miller and photographer Annie Lane on a walking tour of part of Golden Hill.  They produced a first rate feature on one of San Diego’s historic neighborhoods.  They make a great photo/writer team.

Here’s a snipet: “...Architecturally, Golden Hill is a pastiche of styles.  As the 1978 official historic designation report notes, “Experimentation was the hallmark of turn of the century architecture and it was during this period” that the area was developed and came to reflect a “certain American confusion of taste.”  This is because “no individual designer was exclusively responsible for the architectural trend so strongly represented throughout much of Greater Golden Hill.

“Hence, the wanderer inside and out of the historic zone will come upon Victorian, classical revival, Craftsman, Mission Style, California bungalow, “oriental” influence, Swiss chalet, Tudor, Art Deco, postmodern contemporary, and eclectic mixtures of various styles, and more.  The “historic” mansion stands next to the stucco apartment complex, and the Arts and Crafts cottage is neighbor to the liquor store and taco stand.  All in all, it is a beggar’s banquet, and the only thing one needs to enjoy it is time, two good feet, and a pair of open eyes...”

Paste the following link into your browser for the full article and the photographs from San Diego Free Press site:

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