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Sunday, October 27, 2013


EXCELLENT CNN REPORT—“Taken: The Coldest Case Ever Solved” is an investigative report by CNN’s Ann O’Neill.  

EXCERPT—“...Eileen Tessier was dying, and there was one secret she would not take to her grave. She'd kept it for 36 years – much too long.

"Janet," she called out, according to her daughter's courtroom account many years later. There was urgency in her voice.

Janet Tessier rushed to her mother's hospital bed. Eileen's blue eyes were wide open. She grabbed Janet's wrist and spoke again.

Those two little girls, and the one that disappeared, John did it. John did it, and you have to tell someone.

Janet knew immediately what her mother was saying: that Janet's half brother John had kidnapped and killed Maria Ridulph. The second-grader's unsolved murder had haunted their hometown of Sycamore, Illinois, for decades.

Was this a confession, an unburdening of the soul, as Janet believed? Or could it be the ramblings of a dying cancer patient, a mind fogged by morphine?

Either way, it was a breakthrough moment in a case that cast a long shadow over Janet's childhood. The words Eileen Tessier spoke on her deathbed compelled her daughter to ‘tell someone’ many times. It would take her nearly 15 years to find someone who listened...”

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