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Saturday, September 6, 2014


Indian Coffee Company, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  
Editor’s note: This is part of a new Saturday series on this blog to share the more pleasant experiences we’ve had while traveling and visiting coffee establishments here and abroad, plus on occasion a digest of coffee news of note.  Next 9/13: New Mexico Pinon Coffee Co.

CLASSY, TASTY & COMFORTABLE--Coffee centric surprises are where you find them and as always the ongoing search and discovery is the best part of coffee tourism.

Case in point:

The Inn at Price Tower, where we lodged and dined while staying in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, doesn’t offer breakfast so we had to wander into the heart of America for a cup of coffee.

We had two hours before taking our guided tour of the 19-story office and residence high-rise (now hotel) designed by U.S. architectural icon Frank Lloyd Wright.  First, we stopped for an hour at the Phillips Petroleum Museum to discover the amazing history of the beginnings of the oil drilling industry in Oklahoma and most of the Southwest.  We have a new appreciation for Phillips 66 service stations.

From the Phillips Museum we wandered through the various Phillips high rises constructed over the years giving Bartlesville a skyline most other small towns in the region don’t have.

Across Frank Phillips Boulevard (he and his brothers founded the oil company) we noticed a coffee house with stylish graphics, big windows and an inviting “come taste the coffee” curb appeal.

Pillar to Post image, August 27, 2014
Inside the Indian Coffee Company (ICC), we spent an hour tasting its fine house blend coffee; a dessert or three; chatting with genuinely nice employees (especially Jessica) and fitting myself with an ICC t-shirt (which I wore all the way to Amarillo).

 Pillar to Post image, August 27, 2014
The stylish décor included a sign saying ICC served Craft Coffee.  We asked for a definition.  Here’s what we learned from the ICC team and website:

“...Our dedication to craft coffee begins by knowing where our coffee beans are grown. In a world of mass-produced coffee, we’re dedicated to offering a selection that is simply not available anywhere else. In fact, our farmers roast a blend specifically for Indian Coffee Co.

“...Our beans are sourced locally, but grown in two distinct plantations. Both located in El Salvador, the Finca Ayutepeca Plantation and Finca Manazano Plantation produce a limited amount of premium coffee beans. Our coffee mill has a long history of growing the finest quality Single Origin coffee.

“...Many factors contribute to the perfect cup of Indian Coffee: altitude, soil type, climate, and harvest periods play a critical role in cultivating the right bean for our customers. In short, we’re proud to say that we know the farmer who is picking the coffee bean you’re drinking.

“...We believe that the best coffee is created by maintaining high quality standards every step of the way. That is why our farmers spend four years taking care of each new coffee tree until it grows into a mature plant ready to be harvested. With good soil, great weather, and a lot of hard work the trees turn into a succulent coffee cherry containing two perfect coffee beans. The harvest begins in November, when the coffee cherries have a deep red wine color. The mill workers go around the farm as many times as necessary, allowing every single cherry to ripen; this meticulous hand-picking process finishes in March.

“...After harvesting the cherries we proceed to the wet processing, where the pulp and the fruit are carefully removed from the coffee beans so as not to damage them. As a part of the ecological process, collected rainwater is used to wash the beans, and the discarded fruit is used to help fertilize the coffee trees.

“...Our roastmaster carefully roasts the coffee to bring out the full flavor and complex aromas found in the bean; this ensures you will enjoy the true essence found in the coffee rather than merely the degree of roast...”

Also, ICC is local.

“...Why are we so serious about using local roasters and ingredients? For starters, local sourcing means a fresher, better-tasting product. It also means you can expect a consistent experience with every sip of coffee and bite of food.

“...And our local focus doesn’t end with our coffee beans and fresh ingredients: we got our start by investing in historic downtown Bartlesville. Our space, and the local hard-working people who helped renovate it, are a source of pride for Indian Coffee Co.

After all, we want to be more than your Bartlesville coffee shop. Whether we’re part of your morning routine, business lunch, or private event, we want to create a comfortable, consistent, and memorable experience for you...”

Since opening in downtown Bartlesville, Oklahoma (summer 2013), Indian Coffee Company (ICC) at 116 SW Frank Phillips Blvd., has thrived by serving breakfast and lunch only to go with its fine coffees and inviting atmosphere.  It is well worth the visit and definitely a Bartlesville stop not to be missed.

More on the Inn at Price Tower will appear in a future Pillar to Post blog posting.  This blog also published a posting on the Price Tower on October                                                          1, 2012.

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