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Saturday, September 13, 2014


Southwestern U.S. Pinon (pine)

Editor’s note: This is part of an occasional series written in a coffee centric stream of consciousness about coffee bars recently visited and enjoyed.

DEEPEST DARKEST NEW MEXICO--Being a being who is a self-proclaimed aficionado of dark roast beans, I recently began a new love affair with New Mexico Pinon Coffee Co.’s Dark Roast blend. 

While enroute to visit the Petroglyphs National Monument on the outskirts of Albuquerque, we drove within miles of NM Pinon Coffee’s home office on Anaheim Street.  Not that it mattered because I didn’t discover the brand until we reached the Hubbell Trading Post in (Ganado, AZ).

Hubbell Trading Post is one of the few active trading posts that harken back to the late 19th century.  The outpost (now a National Monument) hasn’t changed much over the years.  After taking a Ranger led tour of founder John L. Hubbell’s near by home, we visited the rustic trading post.  

A creature of habit, I purchased a pound of Arbuckle’s whole bean that I discovered on an earlier visit.  Next to the Tucson coffee company’s bright yellow package was a small taster size of regular grind New Mexico Pinon coffee.
Pinon nut

Eager to try the Pinon blend, I didn’t trust the hotel coffee makers with my small cache.  At home, I made a pot of the pre-ground Pinon.

While normally not a big fan of multi-bean blends or any flavoring whatsoever, I was immediately taken with the aroma and richness of the New Mexico blend that is flavored with a hint of the Pinon nut, a small pine tree that grows mainly in the Southwest.

That day (Tuesday) to taste test the darker roast, I ordered a 12 ounce whole bean package of NM Pinon Coffee’s Dark Roast via Amazon.  Two days later my order arrived.

Staff at New Mexico Pinon Coffee Co. in Albuquerque
Couldn’t be more pleased with my discovery and the quickness of delivery.  The bonus for me is the hint of Pinon flavoring that provides for me a smoothness.  I’m a creature of habit.  I don’t want surprises in the morning.  I fix what I like and New Mexico Pinon Coffee Co.’s Dark Roast is my new morning blend.  I fix it in the Keurig coffee adapter one cup at a time.  The rest of the day is now free to explore other coffee adventures.

As this has become a big commercial for NM Pinon Coffee Co., I also like the story that this company started with the original owner roasting coffee out of the back of his red pickup truck. Today, the brand can be found in many stores nationwide and is still family owned and operated and they bust their collective butts to make customers like me happy.


For more15 years NM Piñon Coffee Company has been recognized for our unique pairing of piñon, picked here in the southwest, and a multi-bean blend of the finest high-altitude Arabica coffee available.

Home office
Our award winning coffees continue to be hand-roasted (“Tostado a Mano”) in small batches under the watchful supervision of our roast-masters to assure quality, flavor and aroma.

The result is a rich, medium/dark coffee with a smooth nutty flavor which is warm and inviting. For those who prefer a darker, bolder roast we also offer Colorado and Texas Piñon coffees.

If you enjoy flavored coffee, we have over 50 varieties, including our own locally inspired and best-selling flavors of Biscochito and Mexican Spiced Chocolate.

Our piñon-free line, called New Mexico Favorites, evokes the “Land of Enchantment” with a variety of roasts and subtle flavors.
We assure the same aspect of flavor with our decaf line of coffees.

The caffeine is removed from the beans gently,without chemicals, using ultrasound, vapor, vacuum,and water (The UVVW Method).

How to get there.
In the high desert region of the Southwestern United States, between 5,500 and 7,000 feet, resides one of New Mexico’s most precious assets, Pinus edulis, the New Mexico Pinon Tree.

She is often called the “Manna” of the desert. Her nutritious fruit, the Pinon nut, has sustained life in all forms throughout the Colorado Plateau for centuries.

She rests in groves among her peer and cousin, the Juniper tree.

Many know of her but few really know her beauty, magic, spiritual significance and allure. She is high, wild and free. She clings to the rim of the canyons, taking root in the solid rock. cliffs, and endures the ravages of nature.
In all the natural world the Pinon tree is the only tree for which a specific bird is named: the “Pinon Jay.”

The Pinon Jay shares a special relationship with the tree. When the tree bears fruit in the fall, the Jay consumes the nut which triggers its breeding cycle.

A claimed aphrodisiac quality is inherent in the Pinon nut.

The New Mexico Pinon tree is one of eleven species of soft pine that are known as North American nut pines

The Pinon tree in New Mexico is known scientifically as “Pinus edulis.” Its distinguishing characteristics are needles in bundles of two. It is the prominent nut pine in the Southwest.

Nevada’s state tree is the Pinon. It is known to the scientific world as Pinus monophylla.

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