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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Tianjin Eye is one of a kind even when it comes to mind-blowingly huge Ferris wheels – it is the only wheel built over the Yongle bridge that crosses the Haihe River.  When the wheel was opened in Tianjin China to the public on April 5, 2009, it was the fourth tallest Ferris wheel on the planet at 394-feet.  While not the tallest it remains as among the world’s biggest at about the height of a 35 story building.

The wheel has 48 gondolas, and it lights up like a Christmas tree in the evening, affording a view of the even more impressively lit up city from above.  Each capsule holds eight persons and it takes half an hour to make one revolution.

Tianjin City is a port city on the Yellow located in Northern China near Beijing.  The Haihe river flows from Beijing through Tianjin into the Yellow Sea.


Image by David Hulme

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