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Wednesday, June 12, 2019



Jeff Bezos 212 Fifth Avenue NYC penthouse was recently remodeled from its original 1912 digs.

Netscape’s billionaire founder Jim Clark, 75 has his Il Palmetto, Florida mansion up for sale for a discounted $115 million, which is a nice return on investment for the 5-acre compound that boasts a 40K sq. ft. home.  In 1999, Clark paid $11 million for the waterfront site. 

Clark’s place is pricey but it certainly offers a lot more space than Amazon’s billionaire Jeff Bezos new $80 million purchase of the top 3 penthouse floors of 212 Fifth Avenue tower in Manhattan.  Yes, we know we’re comparing bananas to oranges.
Jim Clark's Il Palmetto estate boasts a 20,000 bottle wine cellar and a minor perk of having a tunnel connect the main house with the waterside guest house.

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