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Saturday, June 1, 2019


Yes, traditional porters infused with coffee are expectantly robust. Salto de Cafe a new brew from Papa Marce's Cervezeria in San Diego's North County, has everything you expect from a porter but only this one goes down with an earthy easiness.
It’s balance over boldness for the coffee porter at Papa Marce’s Cervezeria

This post on Salto de Café from Papa Marce's Cervezeria in Carlsbad first appeared in West Coaster craft beer print magazine and website, May 17, 2019.  West Coaster is a media partner with daily online magazine.

West Coaster Senior Editor Brandon Hernandez: The majority of coffee beers tend to be rather bold. It makes sense. Many java fans seek out big flavors and bright nuances from their responsibly-sourced, exotic bean-infusions. I enjoy both coffee and coffee beers, but find that the bigger, higher-alcohol versions of the latter tend to be a bit much for my palate, especially where acidity is concerned. So when I came across Salto de Café, an easy-drinking porter from Papa Marce’s Cervezeria that’s infused with Costa Rica-sourced beans from a North County roaster, I was pleased…and pleasantly caffeinated. It’s smooth with medium body and octane (5.4% alcohol-by-volume) and enough coffee to add the trademark, earthy roastiness coffee-beer fans seek without overshadowing the inherent cocoa-like notes of the English porter style.

From Mark Amador, Owner, Papa Marce’s Cervezeria: “For Salto de Café Porter, we partnered with Carlsbad coffee roasters Leap Coffee, utilizing medium-roast Costa Rican coffee beans that were roasted the same morning they were added to the beer, along with Tahitian vanilla and Vietnamese cinnamon. It’s a head nod to a Mexican cafecito. Balance and drinkability are the two things we aimed to achieve with this beer. It’s already a fan favorite in-house and we can’t keep it on-tap long enough at events such as the recent Sabroso Taco Fest and Third Avenue Amps and Ales in Chula Vista. We will definitely be keeping this beer in our lineup. Salud!

Carlsbad's Leap Coffee partners with Papa Marce's Cervezeria
to create Salto de Cafe, a bold coffee porter that's
smooth with medium body and octane.

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