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Wednesday, September 4, 2019


For sometime now, the provincial press in the UK has been covering the ups and downs of the City of Newcastle’s attempt to build the largest Ferris Wheel in Europe.  Called the Whey Aye, the structure will stand 140 meters tall or about a scream short of 460 feet.
         So far the public knows this: Newcastle-on-Tyne (far, far to the North of London) city planners have approved the Whey Aye to be built and when completed will be taller than London’s “Eye” Ferris wheel.
         No fixed date for completion of the Ferris wheel along the Quayside of the River Tyne.  A few details have to be worked out between the builder—World Wheel Company and Newcastle’s leadership.
A chart here shows the scale of the project compared with other tall sites in Newcastle.  Quite a difference, no?
         But if promises are kept the development claims it will employ 800 persons to accommodate the estimated 700,00 visitors a year.
         One city official, Gerry Keating, was quoted on the BBC pointing out “the benefits significantly outweighed any potential negative impact.”
         Given there might be some impact, the developer has promised 200,000 pounds per year to help mitigate any downsides.
         So far, bird lovers have voiced opposition saying the project on the Quay would upset the nesting of kittiwakes.  Other nearby village planners call the proposed tallest Ferris wheel in Europe an eye sore.
         “Show us the money,” kittiwakes reportedly have said, but that’s only a rumor attributed to fake news sources.
         Of course, the 800-pound large creature in the room is simply why is the project called Whey Aye? is at a loss to explain why, eh?  Perhaps, the Kurds are funding the project?  We digress and apologize for bringing all of this up in the first place.

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