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Friday, September 27, 2019

CHEEP SHOTS / GETTING A BEAD ON WHAT’S HIS NAME online daily magazine spent an incredible amount of time to obtain a composite sketch of the Ukraine whistleblower only to discover it was a bird native to Eastern Europe.  So, we made up something.  Thanks, Al.
Mixed Kettle of Fish

Judging from today's article in we now know the Ukrainian phone call whistleblower works for the CIA (no surprise) and he is a he and undoubtedly the media will trip all over ourselves to give us the name (like a puppy fetching a ball). Publishing the name will put the man in danger.  Who cares? Don't we all like to jam the freeway to gawk at a fatal traffic accident.  Shame. The man is a hero and he'll get little respect for helping bring down America's first elected dictator.

Years ago, when the earth was cooling (grandson’s reference of my career in journalism), I posed a question to a long time city columnist about publishing names in a sensitive investigation.  His retort was “...Pollyanna, if I don’t do it someone else will, we might as well get the scoop because that’s what and why we’re in business...” article. Click here.

Ukrainian Whistleblower, a delicate bird native to the steppes of Eastern Europe, is loving the attention.

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