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Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Glug, the London-based creative network has created a free digital database of protest posters urging action on climate change.
Dezeen Magazine’s daily blog posted a timely on line feature penned by Natashah Hitti about, Glug, a creative networking organizer that has launched its #ProtestByDesign campaign that focuses on creating the planet’s largest database of protest posters demanding climate change. Click here.  

Sixteen-year-old climate activist from Sweden, Greta Thunberg (middle) walks with protesters during this week's Global Climate Strike March in New York City.  Millions of young persons from in other countries and cities worldwide joined the largest ever youth protest march. 
Photo: Tim Clary AFP/Getty Images

Glug, founded in London is a story unto itself, tasked a group of creatives from the design and advertising industry to submit their posters to a large digital archive, which currently has 150 images but they hope will dramatically increase.

The new Glug generated database is being offered free to all, who share the vision that the Earth must be saved.  Click here.

The courageous young people of UKSCN (UK Student Climate Network) & Fridays For Future are asking us, adults, to join them to get everyone standing up for our climate until our leaders take action.  The goal is to get millions of people on the street protesting for climate change initiatives. Glug says, “...we need to spread the word and we’re making an open call out to our creative community to help! To find out more about the cause visit

For more images of collected posters to date: Click here. 

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