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Thursday, January 30, 2020


Photographer Michelle Mishina Kunz captured two of Tin Hut’s regular customers.
Leigh Buchanan writing in’s online newsletter penned a remarkable piece of journalism about how Frank Diaz’s Tin Hut BBQ delights men and women in uniform with its food while also providing needed assistance to struggling veterans. 

The article is a regular series by’s online newsletter highlighting the imagination, diversity, and resilience of American enterprise.  Well done,

Before clicking on to the rest of the article note the rare quadruple puns involved with the name owner Diaz has chosen for his BBQ empire.

Pun 1.  Tin Hut is a take on Ten Hut slang for “attention!”
Pun 2.  Tin is the siding on the food truck’s exterior
Pun 3.  Hut is the small size of the food operation.
Pun 4.  Tin Hut is operates on military bases.

Click here for’s article by Leigh Buchanan.
Frank Diaz, owner of Tin Hut BBQ holding one of his weapons of tastiness.

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