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Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Undated photo of movie mogul Jack L. Warner standing in front of his nine-acre Beverly Hills estate.  

This month, Jeff Bezos purchased the nee Jack Warner Estate (Warner Bros.) from the estate’s second owner media mogul David Geffen (Dreamworks SKG Pictures) for $165 million.  Geffen purchased the nine-acre Warner mansion and grounds for $47.5 million in 1990. Bezos purchase price for the Warner/Geffen estate set a new record price for a residential property in California.
Jack Warner's screening room inside his Beverly Hills estate.
 Warner’s home appeared in the April 1992 issue of Architectural Digest. Here are the opening paragraph’s of Charles Lockwood’s article. Click here.

“...Only a handful of Beverly Hills houses have ever rivaled the Warner estate. With its 13,600-square-foot Georgian-style mansion, expansive terraces and gardens, two guesthouses, nursery and three hothouses, tennis court, swimming pool, nine-hole golf course and motor court complete with its own service garage and gas pumps, the nine-acre property was— and still is—the archetypal studio mogul's estate.

“Few homes, moreover, compared with the Warner estate as a social milieu in the thirties and forties. “I remember one New Year's Eve party in 1939 or 1940,” Olivia de Havelland has recalled. “All the men were glorious in white tie. Errol Flynn was behind the bar, Howard Hughes was my date, and Jimmy Stewart was seated on a stool. Just the four of us having our first drink of the evening. All those beautiful women dressed in wonderful elegance. Dolores Del Rio in a white satin gown that contrasted her dark hair and dark eyes. Ann Warner, herself a striking presence. Those beautiful women, looking marvelous in this wonderful setting...”
Near Benedict Canyon Road in Beverly Hills, the original Warner Estate was remodeled from Spanish Revival to Georgian in the 1930s by Los Angeles area Architect Roland Coate

Brownstone circular driveway is where Jack Warner was photographed, above

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