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Monday, March 20, 2023


"...Don't worry, Donaldski, we expected this to happen a long time ago. Just remember the getaway car keys are in the glove compartment.  Use the back door of the court house..."

ere we are at the first few days of Spring after what has been a weather weary winter. We yearn for better weather. We also hope for a better world from the standpoint of political leadership of the two most powerful and dangerous nations on Earth. 

 How has it come to this? 

 How could two bankrupt men such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin be allowed the reins of power. Don’t we deserve better? 

Instead look at what we have. This week Putin was issued an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court for abuses of power. He is responsible for the kidnapping of Ukrainian children. 

 And, the man who led the free world for four years is set to be arrested tomorrow (or soon) because of his involvement in tawdry schemes to cover up sex scandal hush money. 

 Yes, the world deserves better. So here we are: 


 In the immediate term, the International Criminal Court’s warrant for Putin and one of his aides is unlikely to have a major impact on the meeting or China’s position toward Russia. Neither China nor Russia — nor the United States or Ukraine — has ratified the ICC’s founding treaty. 

The U.S., beginning with the Clinton administration, has refused to join the court, fearing that its broad mandate could result in the prosecution of American troops or officials. That means that none of the four countries formally recognizes the court’s jurisdiction or is bound by its orders, although Ukraine has consented to allowing some ICC probes of crimes on its territory and the U.S. has cooperated with ICC investigations. 

 In addition, it is highly unlikely that Putin would travel to a country that would be bound by obligations to the ICC. If he did, it is questionable whether that country would actually arrest him. There is precedent for those previously indicted, notably former Sudanese President Omar Bashir, to have visited ICC members without being detained. However, the stain of the arrest warrant accusing him of personal responsibility for the abductions of children from Ukraine could well work against China and Russia in the court of public opinion and Putin’s international status may take a hit unless the charges are withdrawn, or he is acquitted. –The Associated Press. 


The charges Trump would likely face are for white-collar crimes regarding financial dealings, and given their non-violent nature, defendants in such cases typically “self-surrender,” skipping public perp walks. Shanlon Wu, a white-collar defense attorney and former federal prosecutor, tells TIME that defense councils typically receive notice when their white-collar clients are being indicted. 

“You would make an appointment basically, to bring your client in to be booked and fingerprinted,” Wu says. Wu adds that Trump’s lawyers may even seek some special arrangements, given he’s a former president, to avoid walking through the front entrance of the courthouse or police station in an attempt to be more discreet. 

On Friday, Trump’s attorney said that if indicted, Trump would not resist arrest and that they would follow normal procedures. “There won’t be a standoff at Mar-a-Lago with Secret Service and the Manhattan DA’s office,” Joe Tacopina told the New York Daily News. 

If indicted, Trump would have to go through the same process, where he would be booked into jail, finger-printed, and a “mug shot” taken. 

However, given Trump’s substantial ties to the community, especially his ongoing 2024 presidential campaign, the judge likely wouldn’t deem him a flight risk and would probably immediately release him on bond, former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti tells TIME. In a post on Truth Social on Saturday morning, Trump claimed his arrest was imminent and called for his supporters to protest, citing “illegal leaks” from a “corrupt” and “highly political Manhattan district attorney’s office.” –Time Magazine. 

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