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Thursday, March 16, 2023



One of San Diego’s leading interior design/architects Bill Bocken snapped this photo while taking his dog for a walk Monday near dusk. 

 President Biden’s motorcade is seen rolling east along Rosecrans just after passing by McCall Street. The Prez was in town to negotiate a submarine deal with the Aussies. San Diego’s Pt. Loma submarine base is the nearest sub station to Australia. The base made a logical photo-op backdrop for the visit. 

 FYI: The same District of Columbia license plate number 800 002 has been used on all presidential limos and vehicles since President Clinton’s terms. 

Below, Air Force One soars skyward from Naval Station San Diego with the circa 1888 Hotel Del Coronado in the background.  Same March 13, 2003 visit to San Diego by President Biden as top photo (by Howard Lipin, San Diego Union-Tribune.)

Air Force One arriving at Naval Station San Diego.

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