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Saturday, August 5, 2023


Buying coffee drinks sold out of the back of a van might seem strange to some, but for citizens of war torn Odesa, they know it's a great way to get a tasty cup for a reasonable price. 

Behind the Duc de Richelieu statue on Prymors’ka Street and a rolling stone’s throw from the circa 1841 Potemkin Stairs is a line of parked vehicles, all with quality espresso machines built into the back. 

 These impromptu Ukrainian baristas freshly grind coffee beans and skillfully assemble your drink of choice, whether a latte with one of 20 different flavorings, spiced mulled wine, hot chocolate or tea. 

This Eastern European equivalent of a pop-up instantly turns any corner of the city into a coffee shop. Enjoy a cappuccino with cinnamon while walking under the glittering lights on Prymors’ka Street or relax on a bench sipping a hot or iced coffee in the shade of the chestnut trees lining the street. And recall more peaceful times. 

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