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Friday, August 4, 2023


BEST TRAVEL. Results are in and winners are announced in the recent annual iPhone Photography Awards. “Last Night before Xmas,” by Long Nguyen (France) won first place in travel category. 
GUEST BLOG / By Christy Choi, CNN--Organizers announced the winners of the 2023 iPhone Photography Awards on Monday. From Mexico to Sweden, from the macro to the micro, these images show us the scenes, senses and emotions of our world this past year, as seen by iPhone and iPad users. The 16th edition of the annual contest is not only a testament to the skill of the photographers but showcases just how far the camera phone has come since the iPhone first came onto the market in 2007. Winners were chosen from thousands of entries across 14 categories, including travel, lifestyle, architecture, nature and animals.

PORTRAIT. "Diesel Mechanic," Kissy Town, Sierra Leone, by Barry Mayes (United Kingdom) won 3rd place in Portrait. 

ARCHITECTURE. "Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana,"Rome, Italy, by Leon Wang (United States) won 3rd place in Architecture. 

CHILDREN. Sofia Ershova, United States, 1st Place --"Girl", Shot on iPhone 13 Pro, Orange County, California  

BEST PHOTOG. “Soy Sauce Village,” Hanoi, Vietnam,
by Thea Mihu (Germany), who won first place
in the Photographer of the Year competition. 

GRAND PRIZE. "Heroe," Arandas, Mexico, by Ivan Silva (Mexico) won the Grand Prize in Photographer of the Year. Image was shot on an iPhone 12 Pro. 

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