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Thursday, November 17, 2011


INNER FLASHBACKS—Where in our human experience does artistic inspiration arise? In the case of San Diego artist Fred Gemmell the genesis of the theme of his current work wasn’t really clicking until he saw the movie Avatar. “Jungle scenery dominated the film and the more I looked it dawned on me that same jungle was appearing in my work,” said Gemmell, who is also a star interior designer and runs an architectural firm, Matrix Design Studio in the Miramar area of San Diego.

The texture of his art is filled with lush jungle colors. The large impressionistic imagery in Gemmell’s work happen to be jagged tree and leaf shapes interrupted by serpentine shapes and jagged lines of brilliant light. “After Avatar I realized my artistic inspiration came from my childhood. I spent my pre-teen years with my U.S. parents in Panama. The vast Central American jungle was in my back yard. The colors and patterns were with me everyday,” he told this blog in a recent interview, “The bold straight lines are birds flashing across my sightline but I’m only seeing the colors: same with the light filtering through the canopy of jungle growth.”

Fred Gemmell’s work is often in exhibition at Jett Gallery, 989 West Kalmia St., San Diego., 619/231-2466.

Image: Cygamy by Fred Gemmell

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