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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


'Cirquetacular": One Night Only
SAVE THE DATE--Moulin Rouge Inspires San Diego’s Circus Collective’s "Cirquetacular! Cirquetacular!", April 19 at Lyceum Theatre.

Integrating traditional circus arts with dance and theater, from acrobatic can-can to aerial acts, juggling, and contortion, the one nighter was inspired by Paris-based Moulin Rouge’s “Spectacular Spectacular.”

The Cast
"Cirquetacular! Cirquetacular!" with an original circus themed story by Daniel Andrew Nava, follows a group of bohemian artists as they persuade the owner of a theater to give them one last chance to put on a thoroughly modern and wildly successful theatrical production. In the process, the idealistic young writer falls for the glamorous star of the show, but has much to learn about true love.

April 19, 2015, 7:00 PM
Lyceum Stage Theatre, Horton Plaza
All tickets $12-$25
For more information and tickets please visit

Daniel Andrew Nava
Zoe Irvine
Hanna Denham
Marena Bronson
Jacqueline Witt
Travis Ti
Danielle Berg
Ehrick Costello
Anton Reichel

The Circus Collective is proud to include guest performances by Lindley Lopez productions and Kruciaal Element Dance Company. This program is presented in cooperation with Fern Street Circus and is funded in part by Horton Plaza Theatres Foundation, an organization funded by the City of San Diego Special Promotion Programs.

Daniel Nava’s love of theater started in elementary school, performing in a show of Rip Van Wrinkle in fourth grade and as Bob Cratchet in a fifth-grade performance of A Christmas Carol. He also took drama classes in middle school and high school. Daniel’s love for theater led him to minor in Theater Arts as a part of his undergraduate studies at San Diego State University. Daniel brings a theatrical eye, a flair for dialogue, and acting background to the circus collective. He is fascinated by the way the human body can convey just as much emotion and drama as a spoken or sung word. Daniel co-wrote and performed in the collective’s original show "Circustancial Evidence" and "Cirquetacular! Cirquetacular!".

Danielle Berg was born in Long Beach, California, but spent her childhood in West Africa, where she learned the techniques of climbing trees with her toes from her pet gorilla.  The circus arts have become one of her passions, and she loves the challenge of pushing herself to achieve feats she previously could never have believed herself capable of. Danielle trains at the Sophia Isadora Academy of Circus Arts. Her favorite apparatuses are corde lisse and aerial straps.

The Circus Collective of San Diego is a group of circus artists who work together to develop original shows that blur the lines between traditional circus and contemporary theatre. Stripped of the trappings of the big top down to its bare essence, this new style of circus is about exploring the potential of the human body and psyche when pushed to its limits in feats of strength, balance, flexibility, and skill.

The Circus Collective was founded in 2013 to support emerging circus artists, encourage collaboration across disciplines in the performing arts, and foster community engagement with the circus arts by creating accessible shows for the public. "Cirquetacular! Cirquetacular!" is its fourth original show, and the first to be performed in a mainstream theater, thus fulfilling the group’s goal of bridging the divide between circus and theater.

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