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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Previous semi-finalist image in the Havana Times annual photo contest
Havana Times, a seven-year-old online publication with English and Spanish editions holds an annual (free to enter) photo contest open to all readers.  This year a $75 first place prize will be awarded in each of the following six categories:
--Textures and
--Street Vendors.

Deadline for entries is September 15, 2015.  All entries must have been photographed in Cuba.  To date 45 photographers have entered. 

Contest Rules
1- Professional and amateur photographers of all ages and of any nationality may participate .

2- You may submit a maximum of 3 photos per category, for a total of 18 photographs per participant.

3- The works, all made in Cuba, must comply with the following categories:

a- Friendship
b- Bicycles
c- Portraits
d- Workshops/Studios
e- Textures
f- Street vendors

4 – Photos must be in jpg format with maximum dimension of 800 x 600 pixels. They may be horizontal or vertical. Each image should include a short photo caption.

5 – IMPORTANT: Sending your pictures: Photographs should be sent as attachments and not embedded in the e-mail message. To submit photos send them to:

6 – The deadline for submissions will be September 15, 2015.

7 – During the selection process Havana Times will publish the semifinalists, finalists and winning images.

8 – Participation in the contest implies acceptance by the author that the photos submitted will be included in the archives of HT and may be used in Havana Times and the social networks where HT is present, with due credit to the author.

9 – Prizes: The winning photographer in each category will have a US $75 prize. Among the finalist photos the jury will also select a special mention in each category. Delivering the award money will be coordinated with the winner via email.

10 – Contest winners will be announced on or near October 31, 2015 through HT. This decision is final.

11 – Participation in the competition implies acceptance of each and every one of the rules. HT is empowered to resolve any contingency not provided for in the Rules.

For any questions or for more information contact

The Jury
Contest judges will be composed of at least 20 people, including photographers, writers and guest Havana Times readers.
More contest information:

By Circles Robinson, editor

When Havana Times began back in October 2008 in Havana it was hoped to be updating once a week and we were only publishing in English. Less than a year later we were operating as a daily publication with a Spanish and English edition.

It has been a steady growth ever since in readership, participating writers and photographers and subject matter. And the contribution from our translators has also helped make it all possible.

Currently we receive an average of 3,000 visits a day, entering 7,500 articles on the site, according to Google Analytics. Our main sources for attracting readers are the search engines, direct entries and Facebook.

Since a year after its beginning, the publication is edited from Nicaragua and while most of the writers and photographers live in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo, we also have Cuban contributors in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Mexico as well as volunteer translators in Holland, the USA and England.

We continue striving to provide a reader friendly space for opinion and discussion on a wide range of topics related to Cuba. When people read HT as a whole, we hope they see the Cuba they have known, lived in, or visited in all its diversity. For those who have never been to Havana, or left many moons ago, we hope it serves as a valuable introduction for a future trip.

Our biggest operating difficulty towards reaching our full potential continues to be the inability of nearly all the HT writers and photographers to actually see the site and interact because of a lack of Internet connections or the quasi-prohibition at some workplaces to enter the site. Of course the same goes for the general Cuban population.

The way the writers, and many readers on the island, actually see the posts is by receiving them text only by e-mail either directly or indirectly for those without their own e-mail, of course missing the wonderful photography that readers outside the country can appreciate.

If the writers want to place a comment on a post most have to send it to me for posting, which of course is a far cry from the immediacy that Internet provides those who have it.

The recent advent of Internet service at 4.50 CUC (5.00 USD) an hour at state run computer facilities has had little impact on this situation since the writers do not have that kind of money. One hour is approximately a week’s wage for Cuban professionals.

I should note that the photographers in Cuba are rarely able to see their work posted in HT but continue to submit it. They do get some feedback from friends living abroad.

HT remains a self-financed publication although in the future we hope to offer selective advertising and provide an opportunity for readers to donate to the work. To do so we still have some legal hurdles to overcome.

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