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Thursday, November 2, 2017


NOTE: November 5, 2017. 
As of this date, is discontinuing our logging of selected mass murder incidents.  We haven't given up our zeal to bring the heat toward weapons of mass destruction being sold in the U.S.  We bow to a far more comprehensive gun violence blog that is doing a better job: CLICK HERE.'s FINAL ROSTER
November 5, 2017. Another fucked up loser made earth a living hell for the families and friends of 26 defenseless human beings (ages 1 to 77), who were murdered while sitting in church pews.  Dozen more were wounded. Devin Kelley, 26, has been identified as the ambusher, who fired his AK-16 into the church while services were being conducted.  First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas (near San Antonio) was the site of the bloody mass shooting. The pastor’s young teen daughter was among those shot to death.  A nearby resident is reported to have intercepted the shooter forcing the killer to drop his rifle and flee. Authorities found the slime dead in his vehicle with a bullet to his head.  He had other wounds possibly inflicted by the armed resident who along with another passerby chased the killer.
Weapons: Ruger-AR556 rifle, which was found at the church; 9mm Glock handgun, which was found in the shooter's car and a Ruger 22 handgun, which was also found in the shooter's car.

November 1, 2017.  Fitting the profile of a classic loser/coward, Scott Ostrem, 47, has been arrested by Colorado law enforcement as the main suspect in a random shooting killing three human beings.  Surveillance cameras show Ostrem entering and leaving what became the deadly crime scene, a Wal-Mart in Thornton, a community tangent to Denver. The firearm has not been identified.


Rate for gun deaths continues to increase

The U.S. rate for gun deaths has increased for the second straight year, following 15 years of no real change, a government report shows.

Roughly two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides and those have been increasing for about 10 years. Until recently, that has been offset by a decline in people shot dead by others. But there’s been a recent upswing in those gun-related homicides, too, some experts said.

Overall, the firearm death rate rose to 12 deaths per 100,000 people last year, up from 11 in 2015, according to the report released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Before that, the rate had hovered just above 10 — a level it had fallen to in the late 1990s.

In the early 90s, it was as high as 15 per 100,000 people.

In the past two years, sharp homicide increases in Chicago and other places that have been large enough to elevate the national statistics. According to the FBI’s raw numbers, the tally of U.S. homicides involving guns rose to nearly 11,000 last year, from about 9,600 the year before.

Overall, there were more than 38,000 gun deaths last year, according to the CDC. That’s up from about 36,000 in 2015, and around 33,500 each year between 2011 and 2014. --ASSOCIATED PRESS

October 31, 2017.  Coward Sayfullo Saipov, 29, an alien resident from Uzbekistan, who has been in the U.S. since 2010, drove a rented truck along a Westside New York City bike lane killing eight person and injuring dozens.  His brutal and gutless solo attack ended when he rammed into a school bus.  Upon exiting, the truck he rented in New Jersey, the slime danced around for a few moments flashing a handgun before law enforcement shot him.  The loser, who had arrest records in several states, is expected to survive after surgery at a NYC hospital.  Weapon: Vehicle and unknown firearms.

October 18, 2017.  Surprise, surprise, a convicted felon with 42 arrests in Delaware has been captured by federal authorities for shooting six human beings, killing three.  Radee Prince, 37, began his rampage at his workplace in Edgewood, MD and ended in Wilmington Del. Maybe his 43rd felony arrest will be his last?  Bets anyone?

Weapon: Unidentified handgun.


October 1, 2017.  How fucked is this day! As if we didn’t have as a nation enough enemies who want to harm us then comes a white loser, an ultimate sad ass coward named Stephen Paddock, who fires into a crowd of concertgoers from his 32nd hotel floor window.  The heartless satan at this time in the investigation has slaughtered in cold blood at least 58 human beings and wounding more than 528+.  Proving is cowardice, authorities in the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas found him dead in his room.  The 64-year-old sniper, an embarrassment to mankind, had taken his worthless life.  This assault on humanity is now among the largest mass shootings in U.S. History.  Think about that America as gun shops across our nation continue this very day selling these weapons of mass destruction across counters.  Wow, 59 innocent persons dead, but we as a nation can say we didn’t violate his 2nd amendment right to bear rapid fire arms. Contact your Congress reps and urge them to ban all rapid fire weapons and make possession of such a serious crime. Weapons of Choice: Estimates of 10 firearms at the crime scene many of them rapid fire long rifles.  For New Yorker article "No peace with the 2nd amendment." Click here.

September 14, 2017.  In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, fascist Kenneth James Gleason, 23, has been charged with first-degree murder involving the cold-blooded deaths of two men in separate incidents.  The rampage included shooting into the home of a local family but no one was injured.  One man was homeless and the other worked at a popular LSU area restaurant.   Weapons: Unidentified handgun.

June 14, 2017.  Another wack job living in a country that allows easy access to guns fired into a crowd of amateur baseball players practicing for a charity game between Republican and Democratic officials.  James T. Hodgkinson, 66, was shot at the Alexandria, VA field by Capitol Police nearby, who were there to protect members of Congress and staffers participating in the baseball practice.  As of this post four were shot and no one has died.  The wacko, however, died at the hospital of his wounds.  In this particular action the perp was anti-Republican.  The next one no doubt will be another stupid believer that a gun answers all political debates.  Sad, fucked up country thanks to the bullet.  Weapon of choice: handgun and long rifle.

June 5, 2017.  Another horrible loser chose to end his life by shooting himself but not before he murdered five human beings in Orange County, Florida (near Orlando).  John Robert Neumann, Jr., 45 singled out co-workers to kill at the business he was fired from earlier in the year.  He was armed with a semi-automatic handgun and a knife.  The killings occurred almost one year to the day 45 humans were gunned down at an Orlando night club.

May 12, 2017.  In Kikersville Ohio (25 miles E of Columbus) a loser with a long criminal record shot to death three human beings, including the town’s police chief and two women employees of a nursing home.  Officers responding to the shooting found the killer inside the home along with two female victims.  The shooter, Thomas Hartless, 43, was found dead in the nursing home.  No details as of yet.

May 5, 2017.  An unemployed 24-year-old “troubled” loser named Mirza Tatlic murdered the parents of his ex-girlfriend with a firearm before he was shot and killed in the victim’s home by San Jose Police.  Weapon(s) unidentified.

April 30, 2017. While he sat in a deck chair, an asshole with a handgun in one hand and a can of beer in the other fired shots into a poolside birthday party being held at a San Diego area apartment complex.  One woman died after being shot at the party. Six others were wounded. Three officers confronted the shooter, Peter Selis, 49 and shot him to death after a police helicopter reported that the suspect seemed to be reloading what Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman called "a large-caliber handgun."

April 18, 2017.  A deranged, career criminal, Kori Ali Muhammed, 39, confessed to killing at random four human beings in Fresno, CA in two separate incidents.  Authorities view the murders as hate crimes.  The homeless killer reportedly said he hated white people.  Weapon: .357 handgun.

April 10, 2017.  The latest slime to make this list of barbarians is a middle-aged man named Cedric Anderson, 53, who walked into a San Bernardino, CA elementary school and shot his estranged wife to death.  With no regard for human life, he murdered Karen Smith, 53 and an 8 year old boy standing behind his teacher.  Another student was wounded and survived. The best thing about his day was the perp committed suicide.  The coward will kill no one else.  Weapon: Info not available.

January 29, 2017.  A shooter labeled a loner with anti-immigrant views, murdered six persons and wounded 17 others in a horrific rampage in Quebec City, Canada.  Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, fired into the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center before surrendering the same day.  Weapons: 2 assault rifles and a handgun.

January 6, 2017.  A lone shooter took a gun from his checked luggage and fired upon citizens in the baggage claim area of the Ft. Lauderdale, FL Airport.  Early reports show 5 persons were murdered while up to 8 persons were wounded.  A suspect has been apprehended. Later reports ID the alleged killer as Esteban Santiago of Anchorage, Alaska. The weapon is believed to be a 9mm handgun. 

December 23-26, 2016.  At least 54 persons were shot, 11 fatally during the 3-day Christmas holiday, said the Chicago Police Dept.  It was the latest bloody chapter in a city torn by gun violence. This weekend, one of the victims was an 18-year-old Hispanic man who was shot multiple times in the neck and back while he was driving in the Gage Park neighborhood, on the city’s southwest side, at 1:30 a.m. Christmas Day.  Children, including two young girls, are among the wounded.
He was one of at least three killed in shootings from Saturday to Sunday. The two others, 20 and 21 years old, were killed in incidents elsewhere in the city.
His death would become another entry in a fast-moving police log of murder investigations, many with no suspects in custody.
Officer Jose Estrada, a spokesman with the Chicago Police Department, said in a telephone interview Sunday that total homicides this year were 745, a 56 percent increase from 476 at the same time last year. This year was the first time in nearly two decades that more than 700 homicides had been recorded in the city, The Chicago Tribune reported this month.
Estrada said the total number of shooting victims stood at 4,252, up 47 percent from 2,884 at the same time in 2015.
Data of the shootings over Christmas weekend logged by The Chicago Tribune reflected a relentless crime blotter: Nearly all the people shot were men, the majority younger than 30.
The brutal cold of a Chicago winter has not been as reliable a deterrent of violence as it has been in the past: 42 homicides have been recorded this month, compared with 33 during the entire month of December last year, according to The Tribune’s data.--The New York Times and Chicago Tribune.

November 3, 2016.  Sadly, the latest coward to emerge from the slime of his own sad life ambushed two Des Moines, Iowa area policemen killing them both.  The shooting happened at two different locations where the policemen were seated in their patrol cars.  Police have a 46-year-old suspect.  In custody is Scott Greene, 46 of Urbandale, a Des Moines suburb. He is well known lowlife to police in the area.
--Unidentified firearms.

October 28 thru 31, 2016.  Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson called for a crackdown on repeat gun offenders after 17 persons were fatally shot in the city between Friday and Monday.  It is an extraordinary toll given the time of the year, according to Chicago Police.  The victims included an eighth-grade honors student and twin 17-year-old boys.  Up until now, Father’s Day weekend had been the most violent in Chicago with 59 shot with 13 of them fatally.  The October toll was deadlier than the three long summer holiday weekends in 2016 when violence usually spikes because of hot weather.  Six persons were fatally shot over the Memorial Day Weekend, five over the Fourth of July weekend, and 13 over the most recent Labor Day Weekend. Hey, America--that's 600 homicides in Chicago in 2016 as of today.
--Unidentified firearms.

October 31, 2016.  Michael Vance, Jr., 38, is still at large after a spree of violence, including decapitation death of two persons, a shooting of a police officer and shooting of two innocent persons he ran into during his evasion of various police elements in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Vance is believed to be driving a silver 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse with an Oklahoma license plate of 943LQQ. Vance is described as Native American, standing 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing 212 pounds. UPDATE: Late October 31, Oklahoma state troopers pulled over a stolen pick up truck being driven by homicide suspect Michael Vance, Jr.  In a horrific gun battle, the suspect was shot to death.  One officer was shot but will recover.
--Unidentified handgun and assault rifle.

October 8, 2016.  Two Palm Springs (California) police officers were murdered by an assailant, who as of this date is still at large.  The police were responding to a domestic dispute when they were shot through the door. Update: Early Sunday (Oct. 9) a 27-year-old felon on parole named John Felix surrendered to police. He has been charged with two counts of murder.
--AR-15 rifle.

October 2, 2016.  Two college students are dead after being shot at a house party near North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC.  The murdered are a man and a woman.  Police have no suspects as of late Sunday evening.  

--Unidentified firearms

September 24, 2016.  Fulllerton, California Police discovered three adults dead in a home in their jurisdiction after a young girl called 911 alerting them to the possible homicide scene.  Neighbors report hearing gunshots Friday in the area.  Police have not released cause of death or have they indicated if they have any suspect(s).

--Unidentified weapons.

September 23, 2016.  Five human beings were murdered and several wounded in a shooting at Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington.  Male suspect has been described as young and appears Middle-Eastern or Hispanic.  No arrests have been made.  Victims include four women and a man. UPDATE: After a 24-hour manhunt, Police arrested Arcan Cetin, 20, as a suspect in the massacre. He is of Turkish descent with a history of mental illness. --Unidentified rifle. Update: On April 17, 2017 Cetin was found dead in the cell he was being held.  Suicide is believed.

September 3, 4, 5, 2016.  Chicago authorities reported that over the Labor Day weekend 66 persons were wounded in violence with 13 shot dead from various incidents.  The homicide death toll in Chicago climbed to 500, which is more than the 409 murders in New York City and Los Angeles combined.  In 2015, Chicago’s homicide total was 704. Earlier, the Chicago Tribune produced a news feature showing the neighborhoods where homicides occurred:
--Unidentified firearms

August 26-27, 2016.  In Chicago on a Friday and Saturday four persons were shot to death and 18 wounded in gun violence.  Most were drive by shootings.  Of the four deaths two arrests have been made in the murder of Nykea Aldridge.  Parolees Darwin Sorrells, Jr., 26 and Darren Sorrells, 22, have been charged with 1st degree murder. Aldridge, an innocent bystander, was killed in a senseless crossfire.

--Unidentified firearms

August 20, 2016.  Derrick Dearman, 27, surrendered to police after killing six human beings, including a pregnant woman in an end-of-relationship death spree.  A hand gun and ax were the murder weapons.  Crime happened in Citronelle, Ala., near the city of Mobile.
--Unidentified handgun. 

August 18, 2016. Three Hermiston, Oregon residents were found shot to death in a suspected murder-suicide incident involving a male teenager and two volunteer high school wrestling coaches.  One of the coaches, Jason Huston, 45 is the alleged killer.  A 35-year-old woman was wounded at the scene and is expected to survive. 
--Unidentified handgun.

August 13, 2016.  Two members of a Mosque in New York City were assassinated by a coward, who ambushed and shot the two in the back of the head while they were walking down the street in Queens.  Two days after the murders police arrested and charged, Oscar Morel, 35, with the murders.  The tragedy is being considered a hate crime. 
--Taurus .38 caliber revolver

August 6, 2016. Mark Short, Sr., 40, murdered his wife and three children at the family home in Sinking Spring, PA.  Police cited domestic issues for the carnage and called the husband the killer, who in turn committed suicide.
--Unidentified handgun.

August 1, 2016.  August is off to a roaring start with a double execution style handgun murder of two Atlanta area teens, both aged 17.  The teens bodies were found behind a supermarket in Roswell, GA after being shot once each in the back of the head.  Police have arrested Jeffrey Hazelwood, 20 and charged him with double homicide and theft. 
--Unidentified handgun

July 31, 2016.  In New Orleans’ 7th Ward brothers Rudy and Josh Johnson were found shot to death in a car with multiple gunshot wounds. No suspects at this time. 
--Unidentified weapon(s).

July 30, 2016.  Allen Ivanov a 19-year-old murderer was captured by police after shooting three human beings to death with a high powered rifle.  Ivanov, now a mass killer, arrived at a home party in suburban Seattle (Mukilteo)and ambushed more than 20 persons at the party killing three, including his ex-girlfriend. 
--Assault rifle.

July 28, 2016.  Two San Diego Police Officers were shot by Jesse Gomez, 52, who had been stopped for a traffic violation.  One officer died at the hospital, while the other has so far survived surgery and late word has it he will survive.  A suspect with a bullet wound has been arrested near the scene of the shooting and is in custody.  SWAT has a second suspect surrounded in a South San Diego home as of 9 am on July 29.  Second arrest was made late July 29. Police are investigating if the second arrest had anything to do with the shooting.  Gomez, an ex-con with 2 felony convictions has been charged with first degree murder.
--Unidentified handgun

July 26, 2016.  Two U.S. Army soldiers were shot to death while interrupting an attack on a woman in a South Carolina bar.  The murderer, Joseph Mills, 25, produced a handgun and murdered the good Samaritans.  He was apprehended later in the day and charged with two counts of homicide.  He is being held in Lexington County, near Columbia, South Carolina.  After being pulled away from the woman, the killer said eight men surrounded him and he feared for his life.

--Unidentified handgun

July 26, 2016.  After an outrageous act of domestic violence, Police discovered three bodies in an unincorporated area of Maricopa County, near Gilbert, Arizona.  The dead are a woman and two teens ages 12 and 17.  Police believe the two victims were murdered by their mother, who later turned the handgun on herself.

--Unidentified handgun.

July 25, 2016.  Two teens are dead as a result of a gross act of shooting violence in Ft. Myers, Florida outside a teen canteen night spot.  In all 16 were ambush victims of the murderous gunfire, which has left police in this usually quiet resort city seeking suspects and motives.  Ages of the cowardly attack ranged from 12 to 27 years.  Died at the scene of the all teen Club Blu event were 14 and 18 years. Early reports from police indicate it was action by scum with guns rather than a terrorist act.

--Undetermined firearm(s).

July 23, 2016.  Welcome to another American mass murder weekend.  This time the shooting carnage happened in Bastrop, TX (near Austin), where three adults and one child were found dead at an apartment complex.  Another child is hospitalized.  CBS reports one of the dead died of a self-inflicted gunshot.
--Unidentified weapon.

Cop killer holding is Israeli made rifle
July 17, 2016.  A lone gunman in Baton Rouge, LA carrying an assault rifle murdered three police officers before Gavin Long, 29, was killed by responding law enforcement officers.  For more on weapons used by killer go to:
--IWI Tavor, SAR, 5.56 caliber rifle
--Stag Arms, M4 Variant, 5.56 caliber rifle
--Springfield, XD 9, 9mm caliber handgun

July 11, 2016. Two court bailiffs are dead, two others wounded after a shooting in St. Joseph, Mich. at the Berrien County courthouse.  Details are slow in arriving but the shooter is believed dead at the scene.  His name was Larry Gordon, 44.  The killer was an inmate being brought to the court room when he managed to wrestle away a sheriff's gun and began shooting. Other bailiff's brought the shooter down.
--Captured law enforcement handgun.

Dallas Police react after sniper attack kills 5 cops.
July 7, 2016.  Five Dallas policemen were murdered by sniper fire from what authorities now believe to be a lone gunman.  In total 12 peace officers were hit—most in the back—several are in critical condition.  Police used a bomb robot to detonate a device that killed a suspect, Micah Johnson, 25, who was in a standoff with police in downtown Dallas.

--SKS semi-automatic assault rifle
--Unidentified handgun

July 2, 2016.  Two innocent children 10 and 3, were shot to death in Hazel Crest, Ill., a southside suburb of Chicago.  Also shot and killed was Dionus Neeley, 39, father of the children.  Authorities are investigating the shootings.  It is not determined if this was a murder-suicide or a homicide by others.

--Unidentified firearm.

June 27, 2016.  Mexican national Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez, 29, is accused of shooting four people near Woodburn, Oregon, on Monday. Three of them died from their injuries.  In custody, the confessed “alleged” killer had been deported six times previously.

--Unknown firearm.

June 27, 2016.  Twins, 49, were allegedly murdered by the estranged husband of one of the sisters, in what McKinney, Texas authorities are calling a domestic attack.  Kelly Bigham, 50 was arrested shortly after the shootings.
--Unknown handgun

June 25, 2016.  At a party in Ft. Worth, Texas, a gun battle broke out between an unknown number of shooters leaving two dead and five wounded.  The location of the shootings was Studio 74, non-profit dance facility that on this occasion rented out its space for a private party.  Authorities believe incident was gang related.

--Firearms unknown.

June 25, 2016.  Two women, one man ages 50,55,60 were fatally shot in Forestville, Maryland. Two others were wounded, reports Prince George County authorities. Shooter drove off in a car and remains at large.  Police say it was not a random shooting.
--Firearms unknown

June 24, 2016.  Amid a family argument turned violent, Christy Sheats, 42, murdered her daughters with a handgun before Houston, Texas police blasted her dead for refusing to drop the murder weapon.

--.38 caliber handgun

 June 13, 2016. Robert Pape and Christian Smith were rearrested as suspects in the brutal murder of a family in rural Pinyon Pines, CA.  The pair were suspects in 2006 the year of the murders but were released for lack of evidence.  Authorities have not revealed the new evidence that led to the rearrest for murdering two adults and a teen.
--.40 caliber handugn

June 12, 2016. In an unprecedented bloodbath, a lone gunman was involved in the cold blooded ambush style murder of 49 innocent and unsuspecting victims in Orlando, Florida with 53 or more wounded.  This sadly becomes the largest mass shooting killing spree in the nation's history.  Without warning, Omar Mateen, 30, opened fire with a rifle and handgun(s) at Pulse Orlando, nightclub in Orlando Florida.  Local police authorities engaged the cowardly killer in a shootout before storming the club and shooting him dead.  More are in the hospital and the death total is expected to rise.  Links to terrorism are being investigated.  On a call to 911 during the rampage, he swore devotion to ISIS.

--Sig Sauer MCX is a .223 calibre semi-automatic rifle with 30 round magazine.
--Glock 17 9 mm Semi-automatic handgun(s).

June 11, 2016. A scumbag was arrested in Mexico on June 13 after he killed his wife and four daughters.  Piece of shit Juan Hernandez, 34, was unemployed at the time of the murders.  Possible motive for killing his wife was the fact she had recently filed for a divorce.   What motive is there to kill four children?  There is none.  He, of course, didn’t have the guts to put a bullet in his own brain.  What a slime.

--Unknown firearm.

June 11, 2016. Another example of unspeakable tragedy inflicted on society and two children happened in Panorama City, CA when a low life 46-year-old male named Juan Salas shot and killed the teen daughters of an ex-girlfriend.  The slime also wounded the mother of the girls and her son.  The best thing the murderer ever did was put a bullet into his head.  So long, scum.

--Unknown firearm

 June 1, 2016. Mainak Sarker, 39, a deranged murderer of two: his wife and a UCLA college professor, committed suicide on the Westwood, CA campus after his cross country butchery.  Police found a hit list for others along with ample ammunition for his two weapons. He shot his wife in St. Paul, MN then drove to Los Angeles, where he killed his a former professor. 

--Semi-automatic handguns.

May 6, 2016. Three persons were murdered by handgun violence while two others were wounded in Bethesda, MD.  The attacks occurred in three separate incidents and the alleged killer, Eualio Tordil, 62 is the suspect in those three incidents.  A domestic dispute including allegations of sexual abuse with minors, led to the suspect being put on administrative leave as a result of his--now murdered--wife being granted protective order. Before the attack Tordil was a member of the Federal Protective Service, a Homeland Security agency responsible for security at federal buildings and some foreign embassies in the Washington area.  He was captured on 5-7-16.

--Unidentified handgun (s).

April 22, 2016.  In South Central Pike County, Ohio, eight members of a family were executed by gunshots, including a mother sleeping next to a four-day old infant.  Victims are 7 adults and one 16-year old.  No other children were massacred. The brutal killer(s) are/is still at large as of the day of the crime.  No other details are available.
--Unidentified weapon.

April 22, 2016.  Five human beings, mostly elderly women, were slaughtered by Wayne Anthony Hawes, 50, in Appling, Georgia before he turned his shotgun on himself.  Law enforcement believe the outrage stemmed from a domestic “incident” when the murderer learned his wife wanted a divorce.
--Unidentified shotgun.

April 22, 2016.  Felon parolee in possession of a handgun, P.P. Paloicarpio, 39, was captured fleeing into Mexico on 5-31-16. He is suspected of the lethal East Hollywood, CA beating and shooting of his live-in girlfriend, who was pregnant when murdered.

--Unidentified handgun.

March 24, 2016. A 27-year-old man from the San Diego area has been arrested as a suspect in the killings of a doctor, his wife and their 5-year-old daughter in their Santa Barbara County home. KEYT-TV reports that Santa Barbara Sheriff Bill Brown announced the arrest of Pierre Haobsh, 27 of Oceanside, CA. The sheriff called the shooting case diabolical and complex.

--9mm handgun.

March 20, 2016. Fulton County, Pennsylvania at the Ft. Littleton turnpike toll plaza was the scene of two murders by a former Pennsylvania State Trooper Clarence Briggs, 55.  The killer tried to rob a private security van that was collecting toll fees.  An on duty State Trooper responding to the scene shot and killed Briggs at the scene during a gunfight.
--Unidentified handgun

March 9, 2016. [updated] Pittsburgh, PA law enforcement called an ambush, where 5 persons were slaughtered as one of the worst crimes in decades.  Two men, who escaped and are still being sought, fired into a backyard party in the Wilkinson neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  Police suspect drug related motives but remain unsure.  One of the murdered was pregnant.

--Unidentified 40. Caliber handgun
--Unidentified semi-automatic AK-47 style weapon.
UPDATE: On June 24, 2016 two suspects in the above massacre were arrested by Allegheny County law enforcement.  Charged with 5 counts of criminal homicide were Cheron Shelton, 29 and Robert Thomas, 27.  The men were also charged with an an additional count of homicide of an unborn child.

March 8, 2016. Authorities in Kansas captured [3-10-16] Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino as a suspect in the murder of four men in the Greater Kansas City, Missouri area.  The alleged gunman lived next door to the victims. Suspect an illegal once deported alien.
--AK-47 assault rifle.

February 26, 2016.  In Belfair WA, four members of a family were murdered by David Campbell, 51, who was the husband and step father of the victims. Another victim was a neighbor.  Possessor of many guns, Campbell was described by neighbors as an angry man who carried guns on him “all the time.”  When authorities arrived at the home in a wooded area, the killer shot himself.

--Unknown firearm(s).

February 25, 2016. Cedric Ford, 38, murdered 3 and wounded 14 in another rampage multiple location bloodbath this time in Newton, Kansas (about 25 miles north of Wichita, Kansas).  The killer served on the day of the shootings at his job a restraining order to keep away from his girlfriend.  Authorities surmise that order triggered shortly thereafter the street and workplace attacks on innocent human beings.  The murderer was taken out by heroic action by a Newton police officer.
--Handgun and assault rifle.

February 23, 2016. A 26-year-old mentally deranged man, Alex Buckner of West Phoenix AZ shot and killed his father, mother and his two sisters before police returned fire and killed the murderer.  He also had a history of drug use.  The weapon, a shotgun, belonged to his dead father

--Unknown brand of shotgun

February 21, 2016.  In Kalamazoo, Michigan, Jason Dalton, 45 randomly murdered six persons and wounded two in three separate locations.  He was apprehended by law enforcement in that city.  The two survivors, one a 14-year-old girl remains in critical condition.  The other survivor, a mother of three was shot four times.
--Semi automatic handgun.

February 10, 2016.  In Oklahoma City, OK, Quinton Laster, 21, confessed to using a handgun to commit the grisly murder and decapitation of his grandparents at his grandmother’s day care center.  No children were hurt.  He was captured the same day and remains in custody awaiting trial.


January 27, 2016.  Near Chesapeake, VA (200 miles south of Washington DC) Cameron Dooley, 26, shot and killed five members of his family before killing himself.  Among the victims was his father, a recently retired member of the Chesapeake Police Department.

--main weapon .40 calibre handgun
--2 Unknown handguns
--shotgun (unknown make).

December 23, 2015. In the Riverside and San Bernardino area of Southern California, Jason Lynn Barton, 38, murdered two and wounded two others by gunshots before being apprehended later that day by police in San Diego after a hostage standoff.  One of the dead, a woman, was in a relationship with the killer.  The other slain man was the killer’s father and one of the wounded was the killer’s sister.
--unidentified handgun.

December 2, 2015. In San Bernardino, CA, 14 persons killed and upwards of 17 were wounded by two shooters.  Two suspects, a man and wife, were killed in a freeway police action after the murders at the Inland Regional Center, one of 21 state-run social service centers in California, one of the largest in CA serving 20,000 kids and adults with disabilities in the Inland Empire area.  One suspect, a county heath inspector named Syed Farook, 28, a US citizen, has been Id-ed as one of the mass murderers.  His wife Tashfeen Malik, 27, a foreign national in the U.S on a K-1 passport with a Pakistani passport has been confirmed as the other butcher.  Both are of the Muslim faith, according to NPR and other media reports.
--Smith & Wesson M&P assault rifle.
--DPMS Panther Arms assault rifle.
--9 mm Llama handgun
--9mm Smith & Wesson handgun all purchased legally by Farook.

November 27, 2015. In Colorado Springs. Colorado, John Lewis Dear, 59, murdered three persons, one of them a police officer in a cowardly random ambush with a high power assault rifle near a Planned Parenthood facility.  Nine others were wounded. He was lucky to be taken into custody alive by a local law enforcement SWAT team.
--AK style assault rifle called a long gun.

November 27, 2015. In Biloxi, Mississippi, Johnny Max Mount, 45, cruelly murdered Julia Brightwell, a restaurant waitress, who asked the scum to put out his cigarette because the restaurant has a no-smoking policy.  The classic loser turned killer pulled out a 9mm handgun and fired one shot into her head killing her.  She was 52.  The former firefighter was arrested by responding police leaving the restaurant.
--9mm handgun.

November 23, 2015. Barry Kirk, 50, shot and killed, John Anderson II, 31, his wife Christina Anderson, 30 and son Landon Anderson, 7.  The murders took place in the Anderson home in Columbus, Ohio.  The sole survivor is the family’s 12-year-old daughter, Makyleigh (Kylie), who was wounded and two days later released from the hospital.  The murderer was shot by Columbus Police responding to the scene and later died.  Reportedly, an ongoing argument was the motive of the killings.  The mother was shot in cold blood while on a 911 call.

October 31, 2015. In Colorado Springs. Colorado, Noah Jacob Harpham, 33, targeted innocent civilians at random and killed three before being blasted by police.


October 21, 2015. Tony Torrez, 32, fired several rounds from a handgun into a moving vehicle killing four-year-old Lilly Garcia.  It was an act of road rage in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The alleged killer is in custody and reportedly confessed to authorities.  The little girl was a passenger in the truck driven by her father.

October 9, 2015.  Steven Jones, 18 fired into a crowd at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.  One person was killed and four others were wounded.  Police described the incident as an altercation between two rival groups.  The shooter was apprehended.
--9 mm handgun (reported in the media from one of the victim's mother.)

October 9, 2015.  One man was killed and another wounded in a shooting at Texas Southern University in Houston Texas.  The gunman escaped.  As of 10/9/15 the murderer was at large.  Going back to August, the fatal incident was the fourth shooting at Texas Southern.  In late August, two persons were shot into a crowd near where the 10/9/15 shooting took place.  Darrius Nichols, 20, was arrested and charged with murder as one of the two victims died.  The second and third (10-8-15) shootings at the Texas Southern campus did not result in any fatalities.--No weapons ID-ed as the shooter remains at large.

Del-Ton 5.56 x 45 mm rifle
October 1, 2015. Christopher Harper-Mercer, 26, slaughtered nine innocent human beings and wounded nine others in a murder spree at Umpqua Community College, Roseburg, Oregon.  As authorities arrived, he committed suicide.
--Del-Ton 5.56x45mm rifle
--9 mm Glock handgun
--Smith & Wesson .40 calibre handgun
--Three other handguns, including a Taurus pistol

August 26, 2015. Vester Lee Flanagan II, ambushed and murdered a television reporter and cameraman, while the TV team was on a live broadcast.  He wounded one person before killing himself later in the same day.  The killings took place in Roanoke, VA
--9 mm Glock handgun 

August 8, 2015. David Conley, 48, executed eight human beings in a Houston, Texas murder spree killing his ex-girlfriend, her husband and six childen, one of whom he fathered. He was arrested and is in the judicial system.
--9 mm handgun

July 23, 2015. John R. Houser, 59, murdered two human beings and wounded nine others at a movie house in Lafayette, LA.
--.40 Calibre semi-automatic hand gun legally purchased by the shooter at an Alabama pawnshop.

July 16, 2015.  Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez killed four US Marines and one Navy Sailor at a military installation in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  There were two non-fatal injuries.  Killer was shot dead by responding authorities in a firefight.
–AK-47-style semi-automatic rifle. 
–12-gauge shotgun
–9 mm handgun.

Glock 41 .45 calibre
June 17, 2015. Dylann Roof, 21 killed nine members at the site of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in Charleston, South Carolina.  One wounded person survived.  Roof confessed after being captured.
--Glock 41 .45 caliber handgun.

February 24, 2015.  Third mass killing at Ft. Hood in Killeen, Texas in a decade occurred when Ata-Se Giffa, 30, killed three persons and wounded one in a murder-suicide rampage.
--Gun weapon used unidentified.

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