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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Southern Californians are lucky when it comes to avocados.  They grow locally and nearby in Mexico.  Guacamole (the topic of this blog) is a popular and delicious dish made with fresh avocados and a host of other ingredients.  “Guac” is a popular party dip, which is served with fresh non-greasy tortilla chips.
Making good Guacamole is akin to those regions who pride themselves on making the best homemade BBQ.  Guacamole aficionados all believe they have the “perfect” Guac recipe.  Maybe so.   But one group of Guacamole makers missing the calling—generally—are restaurateurs.  Shame on those cafes, who concoct Guacamole that arrives at the table like a pot of green paint.
Having endured the bad stuff, it came as a huge surprise when we ordered a side dish of Guacamole from Jalisco Restaurant in El Centro, California.

No reason to be surprised.  Jalisco needs to satisfy the taste buds of its near the border clientele and when it comes to Guacamole this restaurant gets this blog’s nod for excellence.

Jalisco’s Guacamole arrived at the table within minutes of our drink order.  The chips were average but the Guacamole amazing!  It was served in a medium-sized bowl ($6.95) and arrived with huge chunks of avocado mixed in with fresh lime juice, mashed and chopped avocado, chopped tomato, red onion and finely diced cilantro.  The big difference was they did not skimp on the avocado and served it both mashed and very chunky.
When you see chunky Guacamole come to your table—quickly order another bowl.

Jalisco Restaurant (big and roomy) is our new oasis between drives to Phoenix from San Diego.  Many Yelpers say this is the best Mexican Restaurant on the West Coast.  Can’t say that at this time—one visit isn’t a quorum.  But so far we can report the Guacamole is world class!

Jalisco’s Bar & Grill
844 North Imperial Avenue
El Centro CA 92243



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