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Friday, February 16, 2018


Karl Strauss Brew Pub
Eight year old West Coaster craft beer monthly magazine and daily website ran an online poll for two months on its website. After crunching the numbers, the North Park-based beer news outlet did its best to determine why readers voted the way they did.
         The following snapshots from West Coaster’s coverage highlight its “Best of” results for the MidCity:

 Text by Mike Shess, Publisher, West Coaster.

Pizza Port Brew Pub

Best Brewpub: TIE between Karl Strauss and Pizza Port 
A first for this annual feature, Karl Strauss and Pizza Port tied in votes for this category. We’ll take it, as both businesses operate classic, distinct examples of a San Diegan brewpub.

Aesthetically, a Karl brewpub is slick and low-key sophisticated with a casual upscale fare, while Pizza Port is a flip-flopped, family-friendly endeavor that focuses on pitchers and pizza.

It’s nice to have a brewpub for all moods; sometimes we want Banh-Mi’s and Aurora Hoppyalis, or sometimes we want cheesy Beer Buddies and pitchers of Ponto.


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