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Saturday, February 10, 2018


나는 남쪽에서 커피 라떼를 먹을거야.
naneun namjjog-eseo keopi latteleul meog-eulgeoya.
“I’ll have a coffee latte.”

South Koreans are among the world’s largest per capita consumers of coffee so it is no surprise that in the modern seaside town of Gangneung in the northeast corner of this country of 51 million, there is an entire district along the waterfront dedicated to all things coffee.
Gangneung, home to the annual Gangneung Coffee Festival, will be getting a huge attention boost as it is only 40 miles from the main Pyeongchang venue for the 2018 Winter Olympics.  And, coffee aficionados are most welcome.  See images below of Gangneung coffee houses.

Gangneung Street Coffee District and ocean beach

This popular seaside town was the first local district in Korea to host a coffee festival in 2009. The unassuming street of Gangneung has, since then, turned into a coffee paradise.

But for now, it is the Winter Olympics site for figure skating performances, hockey matches and curling games at the nearby Gangneung Coastal Cluster.

Stroll down this locale and expect many coffee shops serving brewed coffee. There’s even a Coffee Museum here, where you can understand more about Korea’s coffee history. It is a great place carpe diem the coastal scenery while sipping espresso.

Bullet trains service connects Gangneung Station (shown) with Pyeongchang and Seoul.
At the heart of Gangneung beach, America, has beautiful vistas from its first floor and also on the fifth floor patrons will experience the Korean traditional floor-sitting hall
with the snug atmosphere and the panorama view of the sea.

--> Design of Santorini Coffee was inspired by the architecture of Greece. Enjoy hand drip coffee at the bar
Terrace view from Café Bossanova at the expansive white sand beach along Gangneung, South Korea’s Anmok Coffee Street.

Kikrus Coffee is famous in Gangneung for its brunch, pastries and yeonatan bread.  Note: next door is Caffe Bene, the Starbucks of South Korea.

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