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Thursday, February 21, 2019


Alt-milk beverages available at San Diego area farmers markets

GUEST BLOG / By Ryan Lamb, Editor, SanDiego Beverage Times--For the lactose intolerant or those simply avoiding dairy, The MULK Co. offers cold-pressed almond beverages. We spoke with founder and owner Melissa Mandim to learn one big question.

Why “mulk”?

I call it “mulk” because that’s how it sounds when I say “milk” with my South African accent. My husband used to (and still does) tease me about the way I pronounce this word, so the joke is now on him! Also, the dairy industry has lobbied that dairy-alternative milks cannot use the work “milk,” so many companies are changing up the spelling of “milk.” In our case, it worked to our advantage.

What’s the company’s background?

The company began from an idea I had in an entrepreneurship class at CSU San Marcos COBA business school. At the time, I was taking a sustainability class, and became super interested in how cows were contributing to climate change from the methane gas that they emit. Concurrently, I was also coming across articles about how perturbed parents were at the amount of sugar kids were consuming in their chocolate dairy milk, as well as a growing number of lactose intolerant kids. And so my almond chocolate mulk was born! It provides a dairy-alternative milk for lactose intolerant kids, as well as being lightly sweetened with natural sugars for parents seeking healthier options.

I then decided to take my mulk to the farmers market in August of 2017, and the line and company grew from there. We now offer eight flavors, including our best seller, the Cold Brew (with coconut sugar, coffee beans, and sea salt), followed by our Chocolate (with coconut sugar, cocoa, and sea salt), and Golden Mulk (with maple syrup, coconut milk, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, and sea salt). We have something for everyone!

Which farmers markets do you work?

We continue to do our three weekly markets — Little Italy (Saturday 8am to 2pm), Hillcrest (Sunday 9am to 2pm), and Vista (Saturday 8am to 1pm) — and we’re also planning on adding La Jolla.

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