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Saturday, December 21, 2019


Coffix is a coffee franchise challenging the price of coffee in New Zealand by offering a standardized $2.50 cup of barista-made coffee. To keep running costs low, many Coffix franchises are found in ‘hole in the wall’ stores.  But with limited affordable retail spaces available in Auckland’s central business district (CBD), a bit of creativity was needed.

The founders of Coffix were looking to open a second store closer to Auckland CBD but finding an affordable space proved difficult. However, a strip of Elliott Street reserved for food trucks was an ideal location – all they needed was something to house their coffee shop in.

The solution

A 10-foot container was transformed into a fully functioning coffee shop complete with running water, fridges and air-conditioning. The container underwent a full power and plumbing fit out as well as being fully lined and insulated to keep the staff comfortable all year round.

The result

The Coffix at One Elliott Street (pictured above) runs out of a container that also doubles as a mini commercial kitchen. The container sits on the corner of one of Auckland’s busiest streets, surrounded by office buildings, meaning it serves hundreds of cups of coffee every day. It is fully relocatable, should Coffix find a more ideal location, but it is pretty happy where it is for now.

Presently there are 19 Coffix locations in New Zealand. 

Source: Natasha is a free-lance document and evidence courier, who works for corporations, private individuals or governments, who cannot afford their own CIA. Because loves coffee, we've re-upped "Natasha" to continue free-lancing for us by finding worthy coffee places, wherever business takes her.

One Elliott Street, Auckland, North Island, New Zealand

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