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Thursday, December 5, 2019


Wallins is located on Ringvägen 109 in Stockholm. The café is open Mon-Sun. photos below by Sofie Kinnefors

GUEST BLOG / By Sofie Kinnefors, Europe Correspondent--The line at “Wallins Bageri & Konditori” on Södermalm (Söder), an island in central Stockholm, Sweden quickly fills with hungry, sweet craving customers as lunchtime strikes.   

The patisserie, which belongs to Södermalm’s most well-loved combined café and bakeries, has been visited by local’s and outside guests – for delicious sit-down lunches and breakfasts, as well as pickups of homemade bread, delicate cakes, sweet pastries, light, crumbly cookies and rich smoldering hot coffee – for decades.

Originally owned and operated by “Blomsterfonden,” a non-profit association providing home and care for the elderly from 1921 until Wallins became an independent business 22 years ago.

Wallins manager Magdalena
shows off a delicious
glazed fruit cake.
Wallins offers a wide range of food items, made from seasonal raw materials/ingredients. Customers, in line at the café today, may choose from hot dishes include lasagna, salmon pudding and savory pies. (Bread, butter and salad included.)

The café’s menu also features cold dishes like salads for 95 SEK. A variety of choices are available, including; Nordic staple “skagen” (a mixture consisting of shrimps, mayonnaise, sour crème, red onion and dill), salmon and avocado, tuna and a Greek vegetarian option. (Bread and butter included.)

Wallins impressive selection of bread and dessert items are all baked from scratch in Wallins bakery using high quality ingredients from, for example Swedish organically grown food product company “Saltå kvarn.”

Wallins is well-liked for their many types of homemade breads – choose from raisin, rye, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, sourdough or simply a plain wheat loaf. For those who would like a bread not offered by the cafe – give Wallins a call or stop by, talk to Magdalena or one of the café’s skilled bakers and they will create what you have asked for.

Regards to people with allergies and special diet restrictions are also taken at Wallins Bageri & Konditori. The café offers vegan, as well as nut-, milk- and gluten-free options.

And for those with a serious sweet tooth– Wallins is the place to go!
Baked by experienced bakers using only the finest ingredients, Wallins cakes and pastries, which can be enjoyed in store or ordered for pick up, are well balanced between the sweet and not so sweet
and feature classic, as well as modern, flavors, including; chocolate, caramel, lemon, pistachio, cinnamon bark and licorice root.  

Wallins popular cake assortments include:
--Swedish Princess Cakes made with a white cake base, vanilla custard, whipped cream and or raspberry jam and marzipan.
--Chocolate Mousse Torte is made with a brownie base, chocolate mousse and a passion fruit custard.
--Lemon merengue torte made with lemon custard and Italian merengue.

Despite its name, Budapestbakelse is not a specialty coming from Hungary’s capital, but Sweden.
Another of the café’s best sellers includes the “Budapestbakelse.” Despite its name, Budapestbakelse is not a specialty coming from Hungary’s capital, but Sweden. Often referred to as Budapest roll, this delicious dessert consists of a pastry made with creamy meringue and toasted hazelnuts, filled with whipped cream and slices of mandarin oranges.

The pastry is then rolled and topped with melted dark chocolate, icing sugar, and dark cocoa powder. It was a Swedish pastry chef named Ingvar Strid who first introduced this scrumptious dessert to Sweden. There is a popular Finnish variation of this dessert, which calls for bananas and raspberries instead of mandarin oranges.

Wallins uses organic and fair-trade coffee. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea - for 29 SEK or indulge in a coffee latte, cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate, chai-latte or perhaps an ice latte.

Weather you stop by for breakfast, lunch or simply for a sweet treat you’re likely to enjoy a visit to Wallins as much as any local of Södermalm or the beautiful city of Stockholm.

Locals Lennart and Torborg Persson have been visiting Wallins bageri & konditori for years. Today, they’re enjoying a sandwich and coffee outside while the weather is good.

Wallins also offers a weekend breakfast consisting of an optional small breakfast bun filled with cheese, ham or Liver pâté, a cup of coffee or tea, a glass of orange juice and yogurt for a total of 79 SEK.

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