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Friday, December 20, 2019


By Holden DeMayo, Restaurant, Coffee House & Saloon Writer.
Blake Schatz posted a terrific photograph of the new James Coffee Co., 4379 30th Street, which shows the new coffee house’s indoor/outdoor seating.  The opening marks the 3rd James Coffee outlet in Greater San Diego.  Others being in OB and Little Italy.
Walking today along 30th Street between University and Upas, casual pre-holiday strollers noticed 3750 30th Street will be the site of a new French restaurant Patisserie Melanie, which is set to open summer 2020.  Chef owner Melanie Dunn’s new location (she’s currently in Hillcrest) was the topic of a expansive Union-Tribune feature by foodie writer Michele Parente. Click here for the feature.

Down the street to 30th and Landis work is progressing nicely on Tabu Shabu, the in the works new restaurant taking the place of the recently retired Paesano’s Italian Restaurant.  Tabu Shabu will spotlight Japanese-style hot pot cuisine.

But, there is a new Italian cuisine restaurant in the works.  Today, we noticed a sign painter on his ladder announcing Cori Pastificio, a new venture of ace local chef Accursio Lota.  This young man knows his cuisine, for example Lota took away first place at the 2017 Barilla World Pasta Championship.  One is hopeful that it will be open as you read this news. 
    Cori Pastificio’s Upas and 30th location was once home to the recently retired Café Cardamon owned by Joanne Sherif.  Good news for her, Uptown News and the Eater report she has been hired by Matteo Cattaneo to be the inaugural general manager and head baker of Matteo, a non-profit café launched by Cattaneo at 30th and Juniper.  Matteo’s will open shortly after the first of the year to serve as a bakery and café.  Locals will recall the site once housed Rebecca’s coffee house.

Speaking of Matteo Cattaneo, he of the Buona Forchetta restaurant family, are working on opening Gelati & Peccati, 3068 University, sometime in early 2020.  Being in the heart of North Park’s craft beer universe, the gelato and pizza place stays open late.  More on Matteo: If you’re wondering when Catteaneo’s BBQ restaurant on 30th near Juniper will open look for a summer 2020 debut.  It’s (for now) called Carbon.

Northside Shack is still being worked on at its location just north of Saguaro’s Taco Shop on 30th Street.  The new place claims to offer juices, smoothies, and fruit bowls--all very probiotic. The side by side taco shop vs. juicer dilemma for this writer is an agony.  Carne Asada burrito or organic oatmeal.  Give me strength.

For those of us traveling to avoid San Diego’s harsh winter might have missed the arrival of Siamo Napoli.  Seriously, kicking myself for only going twice so far to Siamo Napoli, 3959 30th Street, where Il Postino impressed us.  The door is open for brothers and owners Giovanni and Flavio Piromallo to make it one of North Park’s best new restaurants. 

Did someone say bagels?
And, Solomon Bagels on 30th across from Von’s still hasn’t opened but like so many places in this report add it to a very promising list of new 2020 grand openings in North Park. 

In 1954, the Ramona Theatre was a second-run movie house that sold double and triple feature movie tickets 2 adults 50 cents and kids were free.  In 2020, it will morph into a stylish pancake house called Flap Your Jacks (pictured above).  This do-it-yourself eatery has table top grills, plenty of imagination and tasty syrups.  Recently, it came to life when the sign was installed where the theatre marquee once was.  Breakfast should be served after New Years, if not sooner.  And, did we say stylish?  Yes, indeed.

With Flap Your Jacks added to the pancake mix, University Avenue from Breakfast Republic to North Park Breakfast Company is our hood's Zona Huevos, including delicious crack of dawn places like the Mission, Two Ducks, Swami's and Belgian Waffles & Beer.  If you can't find a breakfast in North Park then you've must have slept in.
Patisserie Melanie will debut soon at 3750 30th (and Gunn Street).  For you North Park history majors that corner location housed Art Leitch Realty back in the 1950s.  The new bakery will brighten a dreary intersection and provide a nice anchor for the 3700 block of 30th, which now includes Waypoint Restaurant and Subterranean Coffee House's new expansion.

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