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Wednesday, September 21, 2022


King Bushrod Washington (the first) inherited the American throne from
King George Washington, the first in 1799.

A fanciful but fascinating glimpse into American history by an amateur historical sleuth and professional chart maker. 

BLOG / By Holden DeMayo, Editor-in-Chief,—As a result of Queen Elizabeth II’s recent passing there has been a plethora of royal mentions dominating news cycles worldwide. 

If you’re a regular connoisseur of online daily magazine it will come as no surprise this 11-year-old daily online magazine style publication enjoys taking back alley tours of major events. 

For example, news of Great Britain’s royal succession led us to ponder if America would have happened if the nascent USA had adopted royal lines instead of the current Presidential mode of leadership. To this point, is not alone. A historical hobbyist Matt Baker has taken great interest in documenting (tongue in cheek, of course) who would be King of America? 

Matt, who has created an exhaustive roster of who might have been who includes a well researched lineage chart showing who would have been king or queen of the United States from George I to today’s possible monarch King Larry. 

Matt, the first
Chartist Matt Baker, like many other American royal theorists, have had to deal with the fact George Washington didn’t have any children. That, according to Matt, would have most likely produced King Bushrod Washington to continue the House of Washington. 

Early citizens might have ended the monarchy right there rather than to have a King Bushrod, the first. 

Digress to reality. George Washington’s nephew in real life was appointed to the Supreme Court by President John Adams, a post Bushrod held until 1829. 

But we all know America never had a king until 2016. We digress. But, the U.S. has had its share of odd named presidents Millard Fillmore and Rutherford B. Hayes to only name two. And, yes we’ve had our own Tom (Jefferson), Dick (Nixon) and Harry (Truman). And that hasn’t worked out so bad—that is until 2016. We digress again. 

In the meantime, long live President Joe. For more on Matt Baker’s chart series CLICK HERE. 

And, for the King Bushrod video CLICK HERE

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