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Thursday, November 21, 2013


TIME MAGAZINE’S LIST—The editors and staff of Time Magazine have recently compiled a list of what they believe are the top 25 inventions of 2013.  Here are the top 10 for the rest go to:

Until now coffee was thought of as 
something you’d drink to sober up.   
Now, you can eliminate the middleman 
and just drink alcoholic coffee.
1. Driverless toy cars by San Francisco-based Anki robotics.

2. “Gravity’s Lightbox,”  a cinematograpy device invented to simulate extreme light in                 outer space.  Used in the 2013 film, Gravity.

3.  Alcoholic coffee from Spain.

4.  Smart lens optical zoom from SONY clips to your iPhone or Android phone

5.  The Cronut, a crossiant like pastry that is fried like a donut.

6.  Public swimming pool in the East River.  Olympic sized and called Plus Pool

Pool Plus now floating in NYC's East River
7.   Motorola’s Password Pill: Reports Time magazine: “...Swallowed once daily, the pill       consists of a tiny chip that uses the acid in your stomach to power it on. Once activated, it emits a specific 18-bit EKG-like signal that can be detected by your phone or computer, essentially turning your body into a password.

8.  Fold up solar panel that charges electric cars.  Still being tested by Volvo.

9.  Dead frog returns.  Australian scientists have used DNA from frozen tissue samples to resurrect embryos of a frog extinct since 1983.

10.  Argus II is a sunglasses-like device that can restore partial vision.

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The following isn’t part of Time magazine’s coverage.  It’s just us at Pillar to Post blog being silly.  OK, it’s cute to have croissant and a bagel in one bite, but here are significant inventions this blog staff believes need to be invented and soon:

1.  Solar baseball cap to power mobile smartphones while out walking on a sunny day.

2.  Alcohol content thermometer.  Yes, you may believe you only had two drinks before driving but you didn’t realize the pair of craft beers were 20 proof each. Stick in our booze barometer and learn if you’re getting blasted or your bartender is watering down the drinks.

3.  Verbal lie detector will send out a loud oooaghah sound if the sensors hear a       baldfaced lie.  Lie detector only works when shaking hands.   “Hi, I’m Fred and if you vote for me I will fulfill all my campaign promises?” OOAGHAH!

4.  Adult make a wish foundation.  To be used on selective topics only.  World Series             games, charitable and compassionate uses—not to date the entire chorus line of Rockettes. Oh, the humanity.  Better scratch this one.

5.    App that when pressed sends communications jamming signals to unsolicited junk call marketers.  Automatically refers junk callers to a real job hotline for employment counseling.

6.  Radar activated low voltage shock geared to zap dogs squatting on your lawn.

7.  Flash card kit with pithy phrases to show to drivers who offend thee in traffic.

8.  Thumbprint activator for handicapped parking spaces.  If you’re not the one registered to use the service, tires will deflate automatically and a call goes to the nearest meter maid.

9.  App that will send a list to Congress and the White House indicating where you’d like to see your tax dollars spent.

10.  Political bullshit detector glasses.  See item 3.

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