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Friday, November 22, 2013


John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1917-1963
Photography by Henry Grossman
Abraham Zapruder
50 YEARS ago, JFK was murdered in Dallas, Texas, one of the most tragic and astonishing coincidences of that day was the filming of the assassination by amateur photographer Abraham Zapruder.   Recently, the historic home movie has been remastered and posted by the DailyMotion blog.

Viewing the film it still makes one wonder how a bullet from the schoolbook depository building, which was behind the President’s open car, could cause JFK’s head to lurch in the opposite direction toward the rear of the limousine’s trunk.

CBS promotion image for JFK production
Until proof is presented otherwise, many, many of us view the murder of JFK as a bloody coup e’tat perpetrated overtly or tacitly from within one or more in our government agencies.  Why is so much information on the assassination being withheld from the public?

Which of our tax supported public investigative agencies has the courage to investigate its brethren and open the files?  Until then our collective silence is stained blood on all of our hands.

For more on Time/Life's role in bringing the Zapruder film to world attention:

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