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Friday, November 15, 2013


 OUT AND ABOUT--If stacked on end Bruce Glassman’s newly published “The San Diego Brewery Guide,” [], is about the size of a pint of tasty craft beer.

Cover of Bruce Glassman's
new "The San Diego
Brewery Guide."
Joe Terzi, CEO of the San Diego Tourism Authority, addresses that point  in an introduction to the guide. “When I began my tenure in 2008, there were about 20 breweries in San Diego...Today, the region boasts nearly 80...”
The guide is a bold undertaking to attempt to capture a list of “all” San Diego breweries in one book.  West Coaster, the monthly beer magazine in San Diego finds it remarkable how scene changes from “day to day,” says Ryan Lamb, editor of San Diego’s monthly West Coaster magazine.

“The San Diego Brewery Guide” includes info on 70 breweries, plenty of beer tasting notes, two dozen maps, including suggested tours by beer styles.

Glassman points out “...San Diego  is projected to have more than 100 breweries open and brewing  by the end of 2014.”

Undaunted by the fact  the craft beer industry’s explosion in growth makes his book obsolete even as it arrives at distribution points, Glassman has cleverly set himself up for an annual (or sooner) reprinting schedule because of the local brewery boom.

This latest and well done beer Baedeker is available for $16.95 at various locations (check publisher’s website for availability). It also fits nicely in a Xmas stocking.  To order:

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