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Sunday, January 5, 2014


TOWER OF LONDON—Built during the time span between 1886 an 1894, the Tower Bridge is 800 feet long and its towers are 213 feet tall.  Designed by Sir Horace Jones, the city architect.  The bridge is built with Cornish granite and Portland stone.  More than 35,000 tons of concrete were used per tower.  The 200 foot center span can be raised to about 85 degrees to allow river traffic to pass.  Two suspension spans connect the towers to the river banks.

LONDON EYE—Also called the Millennium Wheel.  Erected in 1999 on the on the south bank of the Thames River in midtown London, it is more than 440 feet tall, which makes it second highest to Singapore’s  Flyer.  Architects: The London Eye was designed by architects Frank Anatole, Nic Bailey, Steve Chilton, Malcolm Cook, Mark Sparrowhawk, and the husband-and-wife team of Julia Barfield and David Marks.

ST.  PANCRAS TRAIN STATION—Narrowly escaping demolition, the 1868 site was renovated and expanded during the 2000s at a cost of $800 million Pounds.  Known as St. Pancras Internation, it is the station we arrived at after taking a pleasant afternoon high speed Eurostar train ride from Brussels via the English Channel Tunnel.

Photography by Phyllis Shess, Pillar to Post, April, 2013. 
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