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Thursday, September 3, 2015


North Park's Hammond's Ice Cream Parlor
WE’RE NUMBER ONE—If you don’t live in the historic San Diego neighborhoods of North Park or South Park you might not be privy to a intramural competition among locals as to which is the best ‘hood?

South Parkers claim a tad more sophistication when it comes to retail and community ambience, while North Parkers feel like the older sibling: I was here first and what is here is best, especially a huge, I mean really huge inventory of vintage Arts & Crafts bungalows,  a collection so large that editor and founder of American Bungalow magazine told a San Diego writer that North Park has the largest number of differing types of craftsman bungalows in the nation.

But, the one-upmanship is moot.

Both ‘hoods are rich in hipster amenities like hot restaurants, top retail and gonzo craft beer emporiums.

So, the results are in.  We have a tie.

It’s a tie--not because of political correctness by a namby pamby writer—but the real reason is both have what it is needed to be a winning neighborhood: one fabulous ice cream parlor each.

End of story.

North Park:
Hammonds Gourmet Ice Cream
3077 University Avenue
619. 220.0231

South Park:
The Daily Scoop on Juniper
3004 Juniper Street

619. 624.0920

The Daily Scoop on Juniper Ice Cream Parlor

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