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Thursday, September 1, 2016


To be called a cozy restaurant you need a cozy table.  This deuce is only surpassed by the quality of the cuisine and the most stunning Arts & Crafts era hotel on this planet.

The editor of this daily blog is pleased to report on this wedding anniversary day our marriage has outlasted all the restaurants we visited on our honeymoon in San Diego:  Gone are the upscale Shepherd Restaurant in the waterfront Sheraton Harbor Island hotel; the Lamont Street Grill in Pacific Beach and Zolezzi’s in Little Italy.

But, over the years we’ve replaced those long gone establishments with new tasty places we call our favorite restaurants.  They are Piacere Mio between North Park and South Park; the Little Lion in Point Loma and A.R. Valentien’s at the Lodge Torrey Pines.

Yes, there are dozens upon dozens of fine restaurants in San Diego but these places are especially delicious and each has a story.

When San Diego restaurant icons Don and Arlene Coulon retired we all still miss the beloved Belgian Lion, but thanks to two of the couple's enterprising young granddaughters, the Coulon recipes are alive and well--blending old world family recipes with Millennium freshness and creativity.  The Little Lion is delicious as it is cozy.

Two young, talented restaurateurs from Genoa and Rome arrived in America; worked hard, saved their money and opened what has become one of San Diego's tastiest and cozy neighborhood restaurants.  In Stefano and Marco you couldn't meet two more genuine and good natured souls in a tough crowd industry.

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