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Thursday, January 5, 2017


Tate Modern’s head chef, Tony Martin (pictured with pastry chef Bronwen Rolston), a dynamic duo, who never tire of the Club Sandwich
Editor’s note: Each month, British Airways popular “Club” magazine publishes as a regular feature a club sandwich recipe contributed by a world class chef.  BA is kind to share the recipe with bloggers.  In its September  2016 edition “Club Magazine” featured Chef Tony Martin from the Tate’s new contemporary museum in London.

Following the long-awaited opening of Tate Modern Switch House, The Club asked Tony Martin, head chef at the Tate Modern Restaurant, for his creative take on the classic bite

There’s nothing better than a freshly made Club Sandwich to make someone’s day. It’s a great snack to eat while watching a film or having a lazy day with friends in the garden.

I made my first Club Sandwich at Brasserie Roux in Sofitel St James, London, while working in the larder section. Most recently, I’ve been making them at the Tate Modern for the new bar menu tasting. They’re really popular. The key is to use fresh, seasonal ingredients and focus on excellent presentation.

I recently travelled to Dubai and was pleased to see a Club Sandwich in the BA Business lounge. It’s a meal in itself and certainly doesn’t deserve its reputation as being dull. It can be so versatile if you experiment with the ingredients – how could you get bored with that? Every chef likes to have a twist on the classic. Mine would be to use grilled trout, citrus avocado, roasted shallots and an heirloom tomato chutney.

Fresh trout makes a delicious alternative in Tony’s ‘modern’ take on the Club Sandwich

Tony Martin’s Club Sandwich
 (makes one sandwich)


180g trout from a chalk stream

60g fresh ripe avocado

5ml fresh lemon juice

40g frisée endive

Three slices fresh sourdough bread

For the tomato chutney:

35g heirloom tomatoes

35g caster sugar

18ml white wine vinegar

Pinch of black pepper

2 x large banana shallots, one diced

Pinch of salt

2 sprigs of fresh thyme


1. Season and grill the trout, place on a hot grill to bar mark. Cook completely or until internal temperature of fish reaches 68-70°C. Allow to cool and reserve for later.

2. Make the chutney by combining the heirloom tomatoes, sugar, vinegar and the diced shallot in a pan over a medium heat. Allow to cook down gently, stirring every now and again, until it becomes a sticky chutney type consistency. Set aside.

3. Remove the outer skin from the avocado and slice into lengthwise pieces. Squeeze over lemon juice, cover with clingfilm and refrigerate until needed.

4. Tear the frisée endive into small pieces, wash in cold water and allow to dry.

5. Gently peel and halve the other shallot, place in an oven (165-175°C) with salt, oil and a bit of sugar and thyme, and cook until lightly browned and soft to the touch.

6. Slice the sourdough bread into medium slices and lightly toast until crisp.

7. Spread the tomato chutney evenly on one side of two slices of bread, and both sides of the remaining slice.

8. Layer endive, shallot and avocado on the bottom slice of bread, top with pieces of trout and cover with the middle slice.

9. Repeat the layering and top with the remaining slice of bread.

10. Slice the sandwich in half, secure each piece with a skewer and serve.

View from the Restaurant at Tate Modern Museum, London

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